“Dark” – heavy fare from the land of no laughs

Scene from dark trailer. Image: netflix

From german depressive lands fresh into the living rooms of this world – the third and last season of "dark" is currently being celebrated by the public and the feuilleton

The name of the first german netflix series dark" is program. An excerpt: an elderly gentleman with a bald head and scarred face means in a little bright machine room: "paradise is the infinite darkness in which nothing happens." he received the wounds and the knowledge through time travel.

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Donald trump – trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

Donald trump - trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

With claims like "dry the swamp!" ("drain the swamp!"), donald trump presented himself during the U.S. Election campaign as a determined opponent of the U.S. Establishment. Millions of americans who doubted the system believed in him and hoped that as president he would finally stand up to the country’s corrupt elite.

By now, it must have become clear to the more informed among them that they were not only mistaken, but that they were deliberately hoodwinked: since his election, trump has proven to be a trojan horse that does not want to drain the swamp but, on the contrary, wants to help it gain even greater power.

And that’s not all: those who believed during the election campaign that hillary clinton would be chosen to continue the U.S. War policy, while trump would be chosen to end it, have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief for at least the past two weeks: the cabinet of the 45th president of the united states is now in place. U.S. President, with his ex-generals and business bosses, is more like a mixture of a sudanese military junta and the executive suite of a business conglomerate than the cabinets of previous presidents.

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Researchers examine plants from millennia-old seeds

Researchers examine plants from millennia-old seeds

The judaian date palm was considered extinct until several years ago plants from 2000 year old seeds could be refurbished. The inheritance of this resumed plants have now investigated researchers in the united arab emirates. The genetic changes, which determined the scientists in the a total of seven plants, reflect the growing influence of the romer in the eastern mediterranean, report in the specialist magazine pnas.

Estimate "resurrection genomics"

The judaian date palm attends the true date palms (phoenix dactylifera) and grew over centuries in the eastern mediterranean. "The approach of ‘resurrection genomics’ is a remarkably effective way to investigate the genetics and evolution of past and possibly extinct species as the judaish date palm", says study manager michael purugganan of the new york university.

Mutor studies of old samples are for research like a window in the past. They encourage the evolutionary history and biology of early populations and even of extinct species, such as neanderthalers, writing the scientists. Plants, however, presented a challenge, because herbal material is changed differently differently than about bones frequently and from it – if overhead – usually only small quantities and often heavily damaged genome will be recovered.

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Huawei without android license: usa let derogation expire

Huawei without Android license: USA let derogation expire

Huawei now gets the full force of the US embargos confined by last may: the US government of donald trump has no longer demanded a derogation with special licenses for the chinese company. The special regulation applicable since may 2019 ran on the 13th. August.

Last year, the USA huawei has set a black list that prohibits US companies trading related relations with the chinese group. However, this embargo has never fully entered into force because a special license allowed through exceptions. This license was last in may to 13. August has been extended. Now she will no longer be demanded, confirmed the US department of washington post. The US government raises huawei espionage for the chinese state.

Immediate effects will have the expiry of the special license according to washington post, among other things, on smaller mobile radio providers in the US, which set from cost-round on huatechnical technology. Because it forgot the trade restrictions US companies to forgive their technologies to huawei, but also users of huawei phones could also be affected.

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E-stehroller lender should be supported in bremen disabled persons

E-Stehroller lender should be supported in Bremen disabled persons

Lender of electric stehrers have to set up a fund in bremen to support mobility-based persons that are illuminated due to excreted scooters. This is apparent according to a media report from a new special use permit of the bremer ordnungsamt for lender. Background is the accident of a blind bremer, who dazzed in the summer of 2020 over an overturned E-storcher and seriously injured himself. He complained against the administrative court bremen against the granting of the special use permit.

In view of tomorrow 1. May applicable new special use permit have decided voi and animals to engraven their respective inventory in bremen from 500 to 750 electrical stallers. However, if you take into account a new coquent usage zone, through which the scooters should not focus on downtown.

Bremen was the nationwide first country in september 2019, which granted a permit for E-steholler. The bremen traffic senator maike schaeffer was about it, "the chaotic conclusion with the scooters" to avoid how you "many other german and european city" had. The rental of E-scooters should be clearly regulated and not only coupled to a voluntary commitment of the provider, which can also be deprived of permission in severe cases.

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Source code for infocasis to the programming language go is now open source

Source code for Infobasis to the programming language Go is now Open Source

The team behind the programming language GO has the source potential of the source code to PKG in a blog post.Go.DEV sales, part of the official go documentation. The GO project has the offer 2019 on the new domain go.DEV as a central contact point for information about go-packages and modules, in the long term, it should be the previous contact point godoc.Org.

Central contact point for the documentation of GO

Similar to godoc.Org serves the subdomain pkg.Go.DEV since the documentation of the programming language. Go developers apparently find information about past versions of packages and modules.

The go-team published a roadmap in which the community apparently can view the status of work on the documentation of the programming language. On the plan for the current year 2020 are design updates, the redirection of the entire traffic of godoc.Org zu PKG.Go.DEV and improvements of the search function. Since february 2020, inquiries to the old address godoc.Org and their tracking gradually on the new information page PKG.Go.DEV diverted (go IE 33654).

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The space, condensed into a homeland

The space, condensed into a homeland

Admiral bridge. Image: robert kaltenbrunner

About building culture and urban appropriation

The familiar and recognizable, the physically tangible, to which memories are attached and which is capable of triggering feelings: in our "collective memory" they are indispensable, according to the philosopher maurice halbwachs. For this reason, the material aspect of the city is also of great importance, since it is decisive for the affective attachment of many inhabitants "undoubtedly feel the disappearance of a particular street, a particular building, a house much more strongly than the most serious national, religious, political events".

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Cloud native: cncf takes the ingress controller contour in the incubator

Cloud native: CNCF takes the Ingress Controller Contour in the incubator

The technical oversight committee (TOC) the cloud native computing foundation (CNCF) has pronounced itself to take the ingress controller contour of vmware as an incubator project under the fittings of the community. After consulting the responsible persons of the organization CONTOUR, a decisive surgical luck with applicant inhibitors in kubernetes: the ingress controller gives users direct access to applications that run in the kubernetes cluster – especially with envoy as a reverse proxy and load balancer be integrated.

Designed on multi-team kubernetes environments

In distributed environments, efficient networking and communication plays an increasingly important role, so that ingress controllers develop into a critical component in cloud native architectures – especially in client-proof kubernetes installations managed by several teams. Contour relies on the CNCF graduate project envoy as a control level. The flexible architecture optionally allows the use as kubernetes deployment or as a deamon set distributed to the cluster nodes. In addition, CONTOUR is configured to configure the multi-team insert and shape the certificate access thanks to TLS certificate delegation of certificate access.

The development team of vmware had version 1.0 by contour at the end of last year. The approximately three-year-old project goes to the company heptio zuchen, which was founded by craig mcluckie and joe beda, which vware had taken over in november 2018. The two developers involved in the formation of kubernetes also drove the work on open-source tools around container orchestration – including the ingress controller contour.

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Covid-19: attention in case of loss of smell and taste!

Covid-19: attention for loss of odor and taste!

Sars-cov-2-voren (yellow). Image: NIAID. License: CC BY 2.0

Close proximity to people is more dangerous than contact with objects

Based on a mass survey of sars-cov-2 infected patients, bonn virologist hendrik streeck has discovered a previously unknown symptom: after one patient told his team about a loss of sense of smell and taste that lasted several days, the researchers asked others about it and found that the phanomenon occurred in about 70 percent of those with the disease. In the case of one woman, this went so far that she could no longer smell her child’s fully boiled diaper.

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Must not, is not: ferrari fxx-k evo

In 2013 ferrari brought the laferari to the strain. The audest ferrari, who ever saw the towering of the world. This proved the brand that italian is a sound language that can allow everything to be. Porsche brought a "derporsche" on the market, you were embarrassed to go to the mercedes handler.

One year later ferrari fired the FXX-K on the racetrack. These were the downhanded variant of the laferrari. 2017 followed the follow-up version of the follow-up version of the main ferraris of all time and worlds. And the hoard on the name ferrari FXX-K evo.

The XX program of the brand is a melting pot for all findings collected in racing classes to form new technologies from this. The "K" stands for the "kinetic energy recovery system" and "evo" means that one has oriented to the mitsubishi lancer. Small joke.

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