Bin laden’s reputation declines in muslim countries

While muslims want islam to have a greater influence in politics, according to a survey, people in non-muslim countries see it as the cause of terrorism

According to a recent international survey, people in muslim countries seem to be gradually turning away from terrorism. At the same time, however, they want islam to play a more coarse political role. While the citizens of non-muslim countries are most likely to consider islam as the faith most prone to violence, for muslims it is the judaic religion. Even though this survey seems to indicate a shift away from islamist extremism, the gap between cultures is widening due to terrorism.

Suicide bombings are a powerful and threatening type of attack against which there is little protection. The same applies to all cases in which a person sacrifices his life for a cause, i.E. The rational principle of self-preservation is violated. Not for nothing did socrates stand at the beginning of philosophy, a man who sacrificed himself in order to uphold his ideas against the community. He was followed by jesus christ and his many imitators who exemplified the power of martyrdom until the rule of rome was undermined and christians slipped from opposition to power. Since then, martyrdom, because it undermines any rule, was no longer desired by church and state.

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Emporium capital

Afghan girl begging. Image: evstafiev.0

From hypnotic social criticism to global poverty tourism

The reactions to the current oxfam study an economy for the 1% are exactly what I call hypnotic redundancy: in an eternally repetitive ritual, the eternally same vocabulary of exaltation is handed out without any chance of concrete change being associated with it.

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Who will pay for the clean-up of asse ii?

The inventory report supports the allegations that the major part of the radioactivity originates from the nuclear power plant in obrigheim

Calculations by greenpeace based on an inventory report show that a good two-thirds of the radioactivity in the ailing asse II nuclear waste repository is due to commercial power generation. Officially, the power companies admit that they are only responsible for a small part of the stored radiation. The main purpose of the argument is to reduce the billions of euros needed to rehabilitate the sinking "test repository" on the taxpayers (helpless in the crisis).

The environmental organization greenpeace has calculated on the basis of an inventory report from 2002 that only just under 23% of the radioactivity stored in the asse came from research reactors. In contrast, nearly 72% came from nuclear reactors to generate electricity. Greenpeace refers to a report of the GSF research center for environment and health, predecessor of today’s helmholtz zentrum munchen, which was prepared in 2002 . It is the "final report" with the title: "determination of the nuclide-specific activity inventory of the asse mine".

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Better learning without school?

Better learning without school?

Timetable at the schulfrei-festival. Photo: silvio duwe

Free learners, unschoolers and homeschoolers – a small group of opponents of compulsory schooling refuses to accept the education system of the federal republic of germany

If you don’t go to school, you stay stupid: what is a truism for most people, a small group of opponents of compulsory schooling sees things completely differently. They are convinced that it is even better to learn without school. And they take their education into their own hands – and accept trouble with the authorities for violating compulsory schooling. The scene in germany is becoming more and more organized, but no one knows exactly how big it is.

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Electricity industry: new bosses at eon and rwe take the rudder

Electricity industry: new bosses at EON and RWE take the rudder

As johannes teyssen as a head of the EON group, he took the leadership of a power giant. More than 275 billion kilowatt hours EON produced then. Only a good tenth has remained abstained because teyssen on thursday (1. April) the rudder to his successor leonhard birnbaum. When the last three nuclear power plants are switched off at the end of next year, EON will have passed itself completely from electricity production.

Network operator instead of energy generators

Teyssen has completely reduced the group in recent years – from the kilowatt champion, the number one of the energy networks has become. Under the prere of the nuclear phase-out and the energy transition, he first had the power generation from coal and gas and then redistributed the business fields of the two companies in a spectacular deal with the long-term rivals RWE.

Eon took over the electricity and gas networks and customer business of RWE subsidiary innogy and gave his renewable energies to RWE. Teys herself took a position change during this time. At his place of office, he had called the nuclear power as indispensable because they keep costs low for customers without burdening the climate. Meanwhile, nuclear energy for him is "too expensive, too risky and politically too crisp", how he should do the handelsblatt said. At the subject of nuclear power, he and his colleagues had themselves "in the labyrinth".

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Kurdistan after independence vote: willingness to talk and threats

Kurdistan after the independence vote: readiness to talk and threats

Image: screenshot, video

Threats of war and signs of rapprochement between barzani and baghdad. The rough mediator talabani is missing

On friday afternoon, the situation looks critical. According to the kurdish publication rudaw, which is not necessarily distant from the barzani government in erbil, the KRG prime minister fears belligerent confrontations near kirkuk. Nechirvan barzani had appealed to the UN security council, "to intervene quickly", to prevent a war between iraqi forces and the peshmerga

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Autonomous driving: manner less skeptical than women

Autonomous driving: Manner less skeptical than women

38 percent of people in germany can currently imagine own a self-propelled car. 55 percent are still more skeptical of this development, resulting in a foresa survey on behalf of insurance cosmosdirekt. In 2015, 41 percent of the survey participants had to introduce them to own an autonomous car.

In sympathy to the technique, gender and age-related differences. 49 percent of the men can imagine to own an autonomous vehicle, 29 percent of women. While the 18- to 29-year-olds at 52 percent and the 30- to 44-year-olds are open at 54 percent, to sit playful in their own traveling car, this can be 35 percent of 45 to 59-year-old and 24 percent of the age group 60 plus introduce.

"Feels funny"

The aversion to the self-propelled cars is greeted by 70 percent with it for you "funny" became the control. 65 percent perceive the system currently not mature enough to answer the question today and 58 percent of the survey participants have spab to direct the vehicle themselves. 57 percent cover their rejection with the unclear legal ie of liability. 41 percent lacks trust in technology and 26 percent of respondents feared before the loss of control through potential cyber attacks.

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Computer model offers solution to 17-female-on-a-male-ancestor riddle

Computer model offers solution for 17-female-on-one-male ancestor puzzle

Tian chen zeng, marcus feldman and alan aw. Image: marcus feldman

Stanford researchers demonstrate that a combination of patri-clans and wars lead to the "neolithic Y chromosome bottle neck" five to seven thousand years ago

A team of scientists researching at the elite northern california university of stanford has published a study in the current ie of the journal nature that solves a problem that has preoccupied not only prehistorians and human geneticists since its discovery in 2015: it is about the "neolithic Y chromosome bottle neck", who appeared in the male lineage of mankind five to seven thousand years ago.

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Desktop graphics cards: sales in the year a year

Desktop graphics cards: sales in the year a year

For PC players a gray, for company a money rain: manufacturers of desktop graphics cards and handlers profited in the first quarter 2021 with a turnover of $ 12.5 billion from the bad GPU availability – a plus of 360 percent compared to start 2020. Due to the global chip and component deficiency, as well as the high demand of crypto miners, the demand for graphics cards exceeds the offer, as a result of falling prices are high.

Meanwhere, AMD and nvidia do not get a big stucco from the cake, as the two companies sell their gpus to fixed prices to other manufacturers – commonly in bundle with memory blocks. Market researchers jon peddie research resumed that even a beginner desktop graphics card at the beginning of the year has cost an average of nearly 500 US dollars.

Due to the clarified demand, the traditional sales growth in the first quarter of 2021 remained out: manufacturers have sold 7.1 percent more desktop graphics cards than the end of 2020. The number of 24.4 percent rose year-on-year.

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Firewall manufacturer sonicwall examines possible zero-day luck in products

Firewall manufacturer SonicWALL examines possible zero-day luck in products

The manufacturer of security solutions for networks sonicwall warns of our own products. Meanwhile, it has been found that probably a remote access system is affected.

In an official statement sonicwall blows that highly specialized attackers have entered their own network by exploiting zero-day attacks in remote access products from their own home. Zero-day lucky are vulnerabilities, for which no security patches are available at the time of attacks.

Firewalls probably not danger

According to exams sonicwall ares that according to the current state of knowledge exclusively the remote access system SMA 100 is vulnerable. Firewalls, netextender VPN client and sonicwave aps are not affected.

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