Desktop graphics cards: sales in the year a year

Desktop graphics cards: sales in the year a year

For PC players a gray, for company a money rain: manufacturers of desktop graphics cards and handlers profited in the first quarter 2021 with a turnover of $ 12.5 billion from the bad GPU availability – a plus of 360 percent compared to start 2020. Due to the global chip and component deficiency, as well as the high demand of crypto miners, the demand for graphics cards exceeds the offer, as a result of falling prices are high.

Meanwhere, AMD and nvidia do not get a big stucco from the cake, as the two companies sell their gpus to fixed prices to other manufacturers – commonly in bundle with memory blocks. Market researchers jon peddie research resumed that even a beginner desktop graphics card at the beginning of the year has cost an average of nearly 500 US dollars.

Due to the clarified demand, the traditional sales growth in the first quarter of 2021 remained out: manufacturers have sold 7.1 percent more desktop graphics cards than the end of 2020. The number of 24.4 percent rose year-on-year.

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E-stehroller lender should be supported in bremen disabled persons

E-Stehroller lender should be supported in Bremen disabled persons

Lender of electric stehrers have to set up a fund in bremen to support mobility-based persons that are illuminated due to excreted scooters. This is apparent according to a media report from a new special use permit of the bremer ordnungsamt for lender. Background is the accident of a blind bremer, who dazzed in the summer of 2020 over an overturned E-storcher and seriously injured himself. He complained against the administrative court bremen against the granting of the special use permit.

In view of tomorrow 1. May applicable new special use permit have decided voi and animals to engraven their respective inventory in bremen from 500 to 750 electrical stallers. However, if you take into account a new coquent usage zone, through which the scooters should not focus on downtown.

Bremen was the nationwide first country in september 2019, which granted a permit for E-steholler. The bremen traffic senator maike schaeffer was about it, "the chaotic conclusion with the scooters" to avoid how you "many other german and european city" had. The rental of E-scooters should be clearly regulated and not only coupled to a voluntary commitment of the provider, which can also be deprived of permission in severe cases.

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Germany on a course to the right

According to a survey, half of germans believe society has moved to the right

If, according to a yougov survey of more than 2,000 germans, 49 percent believe that german society has shifted to the right, this is hardly surprising. For a long time now, people have been talking about the "extremism of the center" authoritarian tendencies have also increased, xenophobia and anti-semitism were able to gain strength long before the new influx of refugees under the rejection of muslims, and most recently pegida, afd and right-wing movements made the development unforeseeable (survey: 29 percent of germans sympathize with the pegida movement).

It is rather surprising that 26 percent believe that nothing has changed politically in the last 5 years. 10 percent declare that their political attitude has shifted to the left. However, this could rather be those to whom the black-red government appears to be left-wing and who can rather be located in the right-wing spectrum. It would have been interesting to find out whether those on the right also see a shift to the right, which would mean that they see themselves as right-wingers.

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