Altruism and will to redistribute wealth can be trained

U.S. Psychologists believe they have found a way to strengthen compassion in people

After the attempts of neurosurgeon delgado to stop aggressiveness with implanted electrodes attacking bulls, stanly kubrick filmed the novel clockwork orange by anthony burgess, which is supposed to present the failed attempt to drive out the evil from a human being by brainwashing. But to stop the bose is different from respecting the fellow human being and feeling pity or compassion when he suffers. Psychologists from the center of investigation of healthy minds and others now want to have found a method how to train people to feel more compassion.

The compassion or pity lights up? Does it have its seat in the inferior temporal lobe? Image: psychological science

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Armed drones for us police officers

Armed drones for us police officers

Image: lima pix.0

A bill in connecticut criminalizes the weaponization of drones, but has opened the door to an upgrade in security forces

A new law in the U.S. State of connecticut regulates the use of drones in an interesting way. It was noted that even mini-drones can not only serve as weapons themselves to attack people, vehicles or aircraft with them, but that they can also be armed. This was started last year by the islamic state (IS equips drones with explosive devices) and from the beginning of this year drones were also rigged with explosives and bombs to target mainly vehicles in areas beyond its controlled territory (mini-drones spread fear). Since then, demand for effective anti-drone weapons has increased among militaries, and iraqi forces have begun arming mini-drones in their turn (wettrusten: iraqi forces "drones" in mosul back).

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Credit suisse declares high-frequency trading (hft) to be “harmful”

Credit suisse declares high-frequency trading (hft) to be 'harmful'schadlich'

Apparently, it is not the HFT trades that are the problem, but the orders that are not filled. Source: nanex

The widely used HFT strategies “quote stuffing”, “layering” and “momentum ignition” led to market manipulation, which is already prohibited. Further regulation would therefore be superfluous

Although CS analysts insist that not all HFT strategies are harmful, two recent reports high frequency trading – measurement, detection and response and high frequency trading – the good, the bad, and the regulation nevertheless paint a picture that confirms everything that has been asserted in these pages for years as well.

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