Groko: light and shade in energy policy

Groko: light and shade in energy policy

Westfalen power plant in hamm-uentrop. Image: jurgen liebich.0

The energy and climate newsreel: of new commissions, the tenuous life of coal-fired power plants, china’s transformation and the global growth of wind energy use

The coalition agreement between the SPD and the CDU/CSU is now signed and sealed. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer on the subject of climate and energy, and what the SPD members will be voting on in the coming weeks.

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Autonomous driving: manner less skeptical than women

Autonomous driving: Manner less skeptical than women

38 percent of people in germany can currently imagine own a self-propelled car. 55 percent are still more skeptical of this development, resulting in a foresa survey on behalf of insurance cosmosdirekt. In 2015, 41 percent of the survey participants had to introduce them to own an autonomous car.

In sympathy to the technique, gender and age-related differences. 49 percent of the men can imagine to own an autonomous vehicle, 29 percent of women. While the 18- to 29-year-olds at 52 percent and the 30- to 44-year-olds are open at 54 percent, to sit playful in their own traveling car, this can be 35 percent of 45 to 59-year-old and 24 percent of the age group 60 plus introduce.

"Feels funny"

The aversion to the self-propelled cars is greeted by 70 percent with it for you "funny" became the control. 65 percent perceive the system currently not mature enough to answer the question today and 58 percent of the survey participants have spab to direct the vehicle themselves. 57 percent cover their rejection with the unclear legal ie of liability. 41 percent lacks trust in technology and 26 percent of respondents feared before the loss of control through potential cyber attacks.

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Huawei without android license: usa let derogation expire

Huawei without Android license: USA let derogation expire

Huawei now gets the full force of the US embargos confined by last may: the US government of donald trump has no longer demanded a derogation with special licenses for the chinese company. The special regulation applicable since may 2019 ran on the 13th. August.

Last year, the USA huawei has set a black list that prohibits US companies trading related relations with the chinese group. However, this embargo has never fully entered into force because a special license allowed through exceptions. This license was last in may to 13. August has been extended. Now she will no longer be demanded, confirmed the US department of washington post. The US government raises huawei espionage for the chinese state.

Immediate effects will have the expiry of the special license according to washington post, among other things, on smaller mobile radio providers in the US, which set from cost-round on huatechnical technology. Because it forgot the trade restrictions US companies to forgive their technologies to huawei, but also users of huawei phones could also be affected.

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Lada manufacturer avtovaz: personnel reduction due to crisis

Lada manufacturer avtovaz: personnel reduction due to crisis

By 2018, more than 8,000 employees should be dismissed, as the representative of prasident vladimir putin in the doofations district of volga, mikhail babitsch, on monday in moscow told avtovaz. The group, on the other hand, said it was not planned classical units, but several thousand workers should switch to a new industrial park in the coming two years.

Avtovaz is the manufacturer of the traditional brand lada and marktfuhrer in russia, the company is controlled by the state technology group ROSTEC and renault-nissan. Already in recent years, the group based in togliatti on the volga had its number of employees of around 100.000 to about 40.000 reduced, as industrial minister denis manturow had said early. Other "optimization tarpaulin" had only cosmetic character, he said the agency interfax according to.

Prasident representative babitsch, however, spoke of a shortness of 6000 posts this year as well as from 2200 in the coming year. "We are very important to us that social guarantees (…) be maintained, "said babitsch agencies. The people concerned had to get the possibility to retrain and new, well-paid jobs.

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Club-of-rome author tends to alert: no access to climate change

Club-of-rome author tends to alert: no access to climate change

A duster scenario of no longer remillable climate change with all its destructive consequences is the management and climate strategist jørgen randers together with a research colleague in a journal on thursday "scientific reports" published study. Even if humanity was stopping all the greenhouse gas emissions on their account again this year, the temperature increase would therefore no longer or hardly limit themselves.

Temperature rise for centuries

Vital ice compounds outside of gronlands and the antarctic melt according to the analysis of the co-author of several reports of the club of rome in the afterseth, the permafrostboden in polar regions taut completely. The norwegian future researcher and his colleague emphasize: regardless of whether the zero-emission target has been hypothetically reached this year or at the end of the century, climbing the global average temperature for centuries.

2500 location, then at about about three degrees compared to pre-industrial time, during which it should be limited to 1.5 or 2 degrees according to the paris climate agreement. Only the increase in the sea level was reflected by the phrases by about half a meter, if the world community immediately the emergency brake tits.

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Dacia logan and sandero: successors come 2013

Dacia logan and sandero: successors come 2013

Hair, 6. July 2012 – the recipe for success of dacia is simple: simple technology that screwed together in low-wage policies and then offered in possibly many countries. In this principle, the most modern technology is not used, but that was not decisive for the target group. In the coming year, dacia renews two of its most important models: the sandero and the logan, which returns as a stepheck to germany.

Logan comes back in the next year

At the paris motor show in september 2012, a serious study of the next logan should stand "right one" model will be presented in marz 2013 in geneva. Even if the still strongly camouflaged will suggest otherwise, dacia stuck at the new logan at the step. Probably only in 2014 comes the combination version MCV. The step rear is in particular in emerging markers, where the logan is often used as a taxi. In this country, the sale of the old limousine was set in the summer of 2010, yet the successor comes to us. Visually, the logan II becomes more rounding than so far and gets a front with chrome inserts.

Platform from fluence

The new platform of the next logan generation is based on the renault fluence and barely changed in the wheelbase. This is with 2.64 meters only one centimeter long than so far. In the interior comes a cockpit in the style of lodgy and dokker, as well as the navigation and music system used there. Chrome applications provide a slightly noble ambience, the switches of electric windows hiking in the tenes. As set, two suction basins can apply with 75 and 87 hp, as well as two diesel with 75 and 90 hp. It is still unclear whether the 115 hp turbomotor from the lodgy is superseded, the same applies to the 110-horsepower self-cord.

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Hanover. April 2015 – the role that weight can play in a car can sometimes be seen in the distribution of the mass. In the same vehicle, for example, a smaller, lighter engine can make more fuel than the heavier top-of-the-range engine – even if it delivers significantly more power. Now comes – not for the first time – the idea of using weight-saving plastic in the engine. The fraunhofer institute for chemical technology suggests that after the already rather lightweight add-on parts such as the cylinder head cover, intake manifold or oil pan, the solid cylinder crankcases should now also be made of plastic.

Because the driving dynamics experts among its customers feel every kilogram above the front axle, BMW has already addressed this problem in 2004 with its three-liter in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine called N52. The crankcase is made largely of a magnesium alloy, among many other lightweight design features. In this engine is to be still again 24 per cent lighter than a alugehause. However, this solution is also more expensive. While lightweighting is usually not primarily about fuel economy, but rather fuel economy, saved weight is crucial here as well.

Coarse series production with injection molding

Researchers from the project group new drive systems NAS of the fraunhofer institute for chemical technology ICT, together with the japanese company sumitomo bakelite high performance plastics SBHPP, have taken up an idea that has already been tested in this context. They want to show that it is also possible to build crankcases from plastic. Such components may "only" weigh up to 20 percent less than designs made of aluminum – but at roughly the same cost. In addition, they can also be produced inexpensively in rough series using injection molding technology.

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According to amd and intel: chip developer virgin jim keller goes to ki start-up

According to AMD and Intel: Chip developer virgin Jim Keller goes to Ki start-up

Jim keller started as chief technology officer (CTO) at canadian ki start-up tenstorrent, where he "new and interesting stuff" want to design. TENSTORENT develops processors for exercising and exports of neuronal networks – keyword machine learning.

Most recently, cellar was with intel for two years as senior vice president of the silicon engineering group tatig. Translated: chip chief developer. In the middle of 2020, the engineer came back from the post and remained intel in the corporate speech for half a year as a consultant. This deadline has expired at the end of december. According to speculation, intel’s company structures for cellar should have been stated.

According to AMD and Intel: Chip developer virgin Jim Keller goes to Ki start-up

From 2018 to 2020, jim keller worked at intel; last year ended his procurement agreement there.

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Dynamic hdr image: samsung knows first projector with hdr10 +

Dynamic HDR image: Samsung Knows first projector with HDR10 +

On its only digitally carried out event "life unstoppable "has samsung his new ultra-short distance projector series "the premiere" presents. The models should offer a complete cinema experience in 4k including surround sound in their own living room. A powerful integrated bustling and the "acoustic beam surround"-sound should provide for a convincing sound. A smart operating system allows the direct use of TV apps, for example for video streaming services, at the device.

The larger model LSP9T achieves according to samsung from only 11 centimeters distance to the wall already a picture diagonal of 100 inches and a maximum of 130 inches. It is at the same time the first HDR10 + certified projector in the world. According to samsung allows its integrated triple laser technology "stunning contrasts in a peak brightness of up to 2.800 ANSI lumens".


Like dolby vision, HDR10 + is a dynamic HDR format where the studios can set the desired image impression not only once for the entire film, but scene for scene and even picture for picture.

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Trading war: usa consider xiaomi as “chinese-communist military company”

Trading War: USA consider Xiaomi as'chinesisch-kommunistische militarfirma''chinesisch-kommunistische militarfirma'

The US department of defense has published an updated list of companies that are related to the chinese militar. Fortan is also xiaomi as "chinese-communist military company" considered.

In xiaomis core business, smartphones, which are popular because of their good price-performance ratio also popular in germany – were the series redmi, mi and poco. Worldwide xiaomi now sells third-party smartphones. Other electronics devices in the manufacturer’s assortment of television, PC monitors and also suction robots.

Huawei follows xiaomi

With the classification as "chinese-communist military company" threatens xiaomi a similar fate like competitor huawei, who is also on this list. Unlike huawei xiaomi, however, is a pure electronics group without a division of network remuffing. The US government accuses huawei to spy in chinese militar, and this will take the company from home 5G expansion.

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