Kurdistan after independence vote: willingness to talk and threats

Kurdistan after the independence vote: readiness to talk and threats

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Threats of war and signs of rapprochement between barzani and baghdad. The rough mediator talabani is missing

On friday afternoon, the situation looks critical. According to the kurdish publication rudaw, which is not necessarily distant from the barzani government in erbil, the KRG prime minister fears belligerent confrontations near kirkuk. Nechirvan barzani had appealed to the UN security council, "to intervene quickly", to prevent a war between iraqi forces and the peshmerga

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Donald trump – trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

Donald trump - trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

With claims like "dry the swamp!" ("drain the swamp!"), donald trump presented himself during the U.S. Election campaign as a determined opponent of the U.S. Establishment. Millions of americans who doubted the system believed in him and hoped that as president he would finally stand up to the country’s corrupt elite.

By now, it must have become clear to the more informed among them that they were not only mistaken, but that they were deliberately hoodwinked: since his election, trump has proven to be a trojan horse that does not want to drain the swamp but, on the contrary, wants to help it gain even greater power.

And that’s not all: those who believed during the election campaign that hillary clinton would be chosen to continue the U.S. War policy, while trump would be chosen to end it, have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief for at least the past two weeks: the cabinet of the 45th president of the united states is now in place. U.S. President, with his ex-generals and business bosses, is more like a mixture of a sudanese military junta and the executive suite of a business conglomerate than the cabinets of previous presidents.

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Fine work

Vienna, 12. May 2014 – the all-year-old meeting of the WHO-IS-WHO of the automotive industry on the vienna engines symposium allows a look into the future of the mobilitate and shows that the internal combustion engine still has enough potential for further successful years. Railridding inventions are awarded, the progress is created rather through continuous fine work on the 138-year-old four-stroke engine.

On the traditional viennese hofburg, every year, the technical bosses of the automotive industry meet and present what will soon be installed in each vehicle. VW-patriarch ferdinand piech guards to the regular participants, martin winterkorn also. The duo is not known for burning time. The meeting of top engineers shows where the journey goes to the mobility.

Electric turbocharger support

The next step of turbo charging is in front of the door by utilizing the electrical force to support the turbochargers at very low speeds, where the exhaust gas amount for sufficient power is not yet sufficient. This will further improve the driveability. How the concept of such electrified turbocharger can look like, ford and supplier combo schaeffler / continental showed. The gasoline technology car (GTC) is based on a FOCUS 1.0 liters ecoboost, with a modified engine control of continental, a 48 volt electrical system and an electrified coupling. There are also a mild hybridization and friction optimization. The result should be a fuel economy by 17 percent. With the help of a heatable catalyst euro 6c should be achieved.

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Fords spabmobile at sema 2008

Fords spabmobile at sema 2008

Las vegas (USA), 5. November 2008 – the tuning show SEMA, which takes place from 4. To 7. November in the city of lights las vegas, is exactly the right place for the US car manufacturers to once again give free rein to secret american dreams. The "big three" of GM, chrysler and ford use the event to take center stage with fancy design and lots of power.

Dinosaurs on four wheels

The name of the main attraction on the ford stand seems a little strange in view of the current circumstances, but it can certainly pass for self-irony: the F-150 SVT "raptor", this almost defiant interpretation of a seemingly extinct species, is intended for both everyday use and off-road adventures in the desert. The basis is the (still) most sold car in the USA, the rough pick-up ford F-150. "Raptor" refers to both a fighter jet and a dinosaur. Derrick kuzak, ford’s vice president of global product development, says the F-150 SVT raptor is "tough, fast and aggressive."Unlike the standard F-150, the raptor is nearly 18 inches wider. Special 315-series all-terrain tires provide traction. The orange paint continues in the interior. For example, there is a color-contrasting stripe on the steering wheel rim that marks the starting position. The pickup is powered by a V8 with 5.4 liters of displacement and 324 hp. Shortly after the market launch of the raptor, a 6.2-liter engine will be added to the lineup.

New mustang race car

The company’s racing division, ford racing, unveils the ford mustang FR500CJ in las vegas. The vehicle completes the range of race cars based on the ford mustang. This includes the FR500S, the FR500C and the FR500GT. The abbreviation "CJ" stands for "cobra jet" for the youngest racer. The cobra jet is intended for drag racing, which is popular in the USA and involves completing a 402-meter straight in just under ten seconds. The range of different racing mustangs is intended to allow customers to tackle the various levels up to professional racer without having to change the model. Ford has not yet revealed the technical specifications of the cobra jet.

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