Apple’s advertising platform: french privacy protectors creation missing opt-in

Apple's Advertising Platform: French Privacy Protectors Creation Missing Opt-In

France takes answers to apple’s own promotional practices. The country’s privacy workers provides for an internal document with the lack of opt-in for apple’s missing advertising: apple’s approach "suggests the absence of a consent clarification", how politico cited from the document of the author.

Personalized advertising at apple without consent

Iphone apps from third-party providers must seek the user’s permission to obtain the user for advertising tracking. On apple’s own advertising platform it remains so far but the opt-out: personalized advertising is standard. Apple uses, for example, apple ID account information such as age, gender and place of residence (postal code) to classify users in certain segments – also the shopping history in app store and itunes store liked. Privacy is installed on your own advertising platform, emphasized apple in an opinion politico – the company has with the opt-out for the "limited use of own (first party) data" committed to a higher standard.

Apple’s definition of promotional tracking is likely to be too close after a first commentary of the commission national de l’informatique et des libertes (CNIL), reports politico. Apple describes with advertising tracking a provider-u-shaping tracking for advertising purposes, including the transfer of data to data handlers below – not but not the appearing of personalized advertising by inventing data on its own platform.

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Ki rules: eu meps and researchers call for mass monitoring

Ki rules: EU MEPs and researchers call for mass monitoring

People’s representatives and scientists see correction needs on the draft EU commission’s draft commission for a regulation "european concept for artificial intelligence" (ki). 40 meps appeal to the commission in a party-shaped fire letter to the commission "clear prohibition of biometric mass monitoring in public areas to propose". This wishes the majority of the burger.

Stein of the ontobe: the commission wants to prohibit the use of AI for domestic monitoring only by companies. Safety cases should continue to use such KI techniques. The biometric remote identification of persons, for example, by automated facial recognition, is classified as highly risky, but should be possible after passing through a special approval procedure in principle.

No exceptions

This exception had to be deleted, demand the parliamentarians to which patrick breyer (pirate party), nicola beer (FDP), cornelia ernst (the left), evelyne gebhardt (SPD), the grune alexandra geese, the liberal moritz korner and svenja hahn as well as the social democrat tiemo clouds. With public security, mass monitoring is steadily justified – especially here would a ban relevant. Courts had always explained this approach for void.

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State trojan: whatsapp co. Should network traffic redirect to intelligence services

State tripojan: WhatsApp & amp; Co. Should network traffic redirect to intelligence services

The digital industry runs storm against the draft speaker from the federal ministry of the interior for a law "for the condition of the preamble protection right". According to the initiative of resortkef horst seehofer (CSU), the federal office for field protection (BFV), the federal court of first instance (BND), the militarical shielding service (MAD) and the 16 landesamter for festival protection with state trojans chats on fessenger such as whatsapp, signal or threema and internet -telefonates and video calls abhren thirst. The fact that the affected service providers should act as auxiliary pione in the rough style, leads to displeasure.

The association of the internet economy ECO criticizes above all that providers "introduction of technical means for carrying out a maaking" to the so-called source TKU "by supporting the redirection of telecommunications by the authorized body" muster. This clause, which read the use of proxy servers for the discharge of traffic, throw "a variety of legal and procedural questions".

Active support

With this authority, it is a novelty, since service providers "now actively support the intelligence services to infiltrate the end devices of customers", the ECO explains. In addition, the ministry of the interior does not point out that with the entry into force of the new telecommunications act (TKG) the number of funds obligated to provide information "immensely rises". In addition to classic telcos, it also fell as well as providers for e-mail, messaging, and voip services.

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Scribe: camera specifically for whiteboard by logitech

Scribe: Camera specifically for whiteboard by Logitech

With scribe, logitech introduces a camera especially for whiteboards. It is mounted on a rod, which is attached to the wall, and can be a flat of up to 2 m × 1.2 m in 1080p. With the rest of the video conferencing system, the device can be connected via USB.

In addition to the simplicant setting up the camera compared to more common webcams, scribe should provide a consistent view of the whiteboard for all participants. Furthermore, the device hand and arm of users emerge easily and increases the contrast of important elements such as writing and marker.

Full features with teams and zoom

Activating the camera over an enclosed wireless button, alternatively a touch controller like logit replacement tab. To start, scribe is compatible with the teams rooms for windows and zoom rooms, zoom appliances should follow. As a pure USB webcam, the device can be used with any video conferencing software.

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Kde brings qt to the web

Kde brings qt to the web

QML online has found a new home: the KDE community, which is mabgeblich behind the desktop environment KDE plasma, now maintains the project. QML online developer patrick jose pereira had already announced the first stable version at the end of may, as the company. Now the project is open to interested developers at KDE including an interactive playground.

QML online brings qt and QML (qt modeling language) to the browser via webassembly and the emscripten toolchain. The new project page offers interactive examples. Code snapping directly implements the backend, so you can see the changes live in webassembly view.

Kde brings qt to the web

Patches in the code on the left are directly visible on the right, and in case of errors, the webassembly flat is left empty.

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Gm doubles profit – opel writes losses

Gm doubles profit - opel writes losses

After a short high in the fruhsommer, the automaker opel is back in the loss zone. The company mother general motors (GM) reported on tuesday a doubling of the quarterly profit at group level – the european subsidiary, however, had an operational loss of $ 142 million (130 million euros) from $ 231 million (212 million euros) a year ago.

Reason was above all the weak british pound according to the local referendum over the exit from the EU. Great britain is the large single market of the GM subsidiary in europe.

Thus, the gain was used up from the previous quarter, so that opel has a loss of $ 11 million (10.1 million euros) together with his british sister brand vauxhall after nine months. After all, this is still the best nine-month result since 16 years. "With the successful start of the year and the result achieved for the first nine months, we have shown that we are on the right track. This course is to be maintained, "explained opel chef karl-thomas neumann.

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Corona self-tests from aldi: online certificates worthless

Corona self-tests from Aldi: online certificates worthless

As a bonus to the corona self-tests of the manufacturer aesku, which are consulting at ALDI at the cash register, there is also an online function. If you have tested, you can have a QR code on the package up to FUF negative certificates. The idea of AESKU: such certificates ied by the manufacturer should become the key for hairdressing and restaurant visits as well as events. But our exam shows that not only the basic idea is fragwurround. Error in the technical implementation, the certificates made factually worthless and caused a data leak in addition.

The first weakness of the certificate system of AESKU: on the 5-pack of the self-tests is visible from auben visible a QR code, over the one on the website ichestemichselb.DE up to five negative certificates can retrieve. You just have to click on that you have tested yourself negatively. Achieving the own identity card or fuser license number and gets the PDF file with the certificate.

Corona self-tests from Aldi: online certificates worthless

The online certificate creation at AESKU is based on trust. If you have tested yourself, you will be asked to answer the question of the test result truthful.

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Vw tiguan facelift: plug-in hybrid and r model in the lead

VW Tiguan Facelift: Plug-in hybrid and R model in the lead

The pre-sale of the overworked VW tiguan has begun: the configurator is already unlocked, but a price list is not yet available. The tiguan has been unnecessary for years in the center of the customer’s taste and satisfies the appetite for a halfway compact SUV with a wide range of motorizations, many options and equipment variants. What a significant minority is missing among the customers so far comes with his model maintenance about four years after the publication of tiguan II: for the first time, volkswagen will offer the tiguan with plug-in hybrid drive and as a R model. The role of the battery electrical SUV same format, however, is the VW ID.Trap 4.

A model of central importance

The "city garrock" in the four-meter-five-class is tremendous for volkswagen, he sells even a little better than the VW golf (test). However, these have been so popular SUV models with high sales figures for many years – past year, volkswagen put global uber 910.000 stucco – also a special challenge in view of the fleet limits, which will enter into force for the first time 2020.

VW tiguan model maintenance

VW Tiguan Facelift: Plug-in hybrid and R model in the lead

volkswagen has opened the order booker for the tiguan but no price list. The VW tiguan gets a hybrid drive and a R model for the first time with his model maintenance. 

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Karmann osnabruck: 500 notices still in january

The parties have agreed on the key points of a social plan for the osnabruck plant of wilhelm karmann gmbh. The final package is to be adopted in january, the company announced today. According to the agreement, 580 positions will be cut as early as this month as part of the social plan that is now being developed: around 500 karmann employees are to receive notice of termination before the end of january, while the remaining positions will be eliminated through natural attrition.

In the "interest of a competitive employment structure", the parties had agreed to apply so-called "age bands" in the social selection process. As of today, the employees to be scouted have been assigned by their respective supervisor­informed about the. At the same time, the works council in osnabruck will process the lists of dismissals­. Only then could the official announcement be made by the company. The affected employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the transfer company. The financial compensation for the loss of the job is at "approximately the same level" as for the job cuts in 2007.

Last october, karmann announced its intention to cut a total of 870 jobs at the­to cut a total of 870 jobs at the osnabruck plant due to production shortages in the vehicle manufacturing sector. This plan remains unchanged. As of 1. November 2007, the osnabruck plant, where production of the legendary karmann ghia began a good half century ago, had a total of 4,242 employees. However, recent changes in customers’ production schedules have affected the timing of the job cuts. According to current plans, a further 290 jobs will be cut in the fall of 2008. All future­all future figures are, however, "subject to possible business developments" which are not yet apparent, the company oracles. Hopes held last fall for a new major order for karmann have so far not been fulfilled.

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“Demon’s soul”: action role play is reloaded for the ps5

A remake of the action role-playing game "demon" S souls "will appear for the playstation 5. Sony has called sony at a livestream to his upcoming console with a short trailer. The company has a release date, which also stops the publishing rights on the original in japan, but not called.

Trailer for "demon" S souls "(source: sony)

The remake of "demon" s souls "is not developed by the original developer from software, but from bluepoint games. The studio belonging to sony has specialized in high-quality playstation remaster and bremakes. For example, bluepoint also has the remake of "shadow of the colos" on the legs.

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