Who will pay for the clean-up of asse ii?

The inventory report supports the allegations that the major part of the radioactivity originates from the nuclear power plant in obrigheim

Calculations by greenpeace based on an inventory report show that a good two-thirds of the radioactivity in the ailing asse II nuclear waste repository is due to commercial power generation. Officially, the power companies admit that they are only responsible for a small part of the stored radiation. The main purpose of the argument is to reduce the billions of euros needed to rehabilitate the sinking "test repository" on the taxpayers (helpless in the crisis).

The environmental organization greenpeace has calculated on the basis of an inventory report from 2002 that only just under 23% of the radioactivity stored in the asse came from research reactors. In contrast, nearly 72% came from nuclear reactors to generate electricity. Greenpeace refers to a report of the GSF research center for environment and health, predecessor of today’s helmholtz zentrum munchen, which was prepared in 2002 . It is the "final report" with the title: "determination of the nuclide-specific activity inventory of the asse mine".

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Covid-19: attention in case of loss of smell and taste!

Covid-19: attention for loss of odor and taste!

Sars-cov-2-voren (yellow). Image: NIAID. License: CC BY 2.0

Close proximity to people is more dangerous than contact with objects

Based on a mass survey of sars-cov-2 infected patients, bonn virologist hendrik streeck has discovered a previously unknown symptom: after one patient told his team about a loss of sense of smell and taste that lasted several days, the researchers asked others about it and found that the phanomenon occurred in about 70 percent of those with the disease. In the case of one woman, this went so far that she could no longer smell her child’s fully boiled diaper.

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E-mail from the spinach

E-mail from the spinach

If researchers like michael strano and his team, the digitization of agriculture is only an intermediate stage. They rely on hybrid systems from special plants and sensors that the environment should monitor.

In collaboration with stranos team, singapore university researchers now developed a portable sensor with which the vital data of plants around the clock have woken up. Gerat the plant under stress, the sensor lost, for example, an e-mail notification. The gerat offers farmers and plant scientists a new tool for the early diagnosis and real-time monitoring of plant health.

Data in real time

The new sensor that is simply plugged into a sheet uses raman spectroscopy. This measures the inelastic scattering of light at molecules. Complex molecules produce characteristic spectral fingerprints. Of the "portable raman leaf clip sensor for rapid detection of plant stress" responds to changes in the nitrogen household of the plant.

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Five losers in adac child seat test

Five losers in adac child seat test

Munich, 23. May 2011 – the automobile club ADAC, together with stiftung warentest, has tested 28 child seats for all weight classes. This time, not only the crash safety was tested, but also the exposure of the seats to harmful substances was examined. This resulted in two of the seats being rated "poor" one.

Top seats also on offer

According to ADAC, there are good child seats in every category. The test winner was the baby-safe plus II SHR with isofix base from romer. It is suitable for children up to a weight of 13 kilograms and impressed with top scores in all categories. A total of 15 seats received the grade "good", six were awarded a "satisfactory" and one seat received only a "sufficient". Most of the seats in the safety category were convincing. In the frontal impact, 13 seats were rated as "good" or a "very good", in a side impact 19 times "good" or a "very good". The ADAC points out that a child seat should be equipped with a back support, because without such a support the consequences of a side impact could be serious.

Caution with pollutants

The results were more problematic when it came to pollutants. Six of the 28 seats contained substances that were harmful to health at a high level. The child seats brevi oki b.Fix and philted’s tott-XT contained the phthalate DEHP in concentrations exceeding the legal limit for children’s toys. Phthalates are plasticizers that protect plastics from shattering. The two phthalate-containing products were immediately rated "unsatisfactory". Traces of flame retardants, organotin compounds and formaldehyde were also found in 15 of the seats tested. However, according to the ADAC, formaldehyde quickly becomes cursed and can also be washed out. However, the automobile club advised against removing the seat covers from the child seat, because this would require the seats to be partially dismantled. If they were later reassembled incorrectly, the child seats could lose their protective effect.

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Microservices: kong gateway 2.1 extended support of the grpc protocol

Microservices: Kong Gateway 2.1 Advanced Support of the GRPC protocol

The company kong has version 2.1 of the same name microscopic gateway. The most comprehensive API gateway includes two new plug-ins for GRPC services and updates its storage structures for routers and now serves in an asynchronous mode to better offset the load distribution. There are also news in the publication cycles: the community and enterprise version are recently coordinated, both expenses should always appear at the same time.

From this release the reconfiguration of the load balancer is always asynchronous. Configuration representation at the upstream and target states should therefore "no perceptible latency peaks" cause more, it is called in the release notes. For routers and load balancer, the new version brings a standardization of the configurations through the asynchronous mode. The manual choice between a strict (synchronous) and a consistent (asynchronous) mode when configuring is attributed to it, according to the provider in favor of a more stable overall performance.

Two new plug-ins for GRPC

Fresh added are also two new plug-ins who support the GRPC communication. GRPC-web should enable access to GPRC services via GRPC web protocol. The plug-in is apparently aligned with javascript applications running in the browser and integrating a GRPC library. The second plug-in is to disclose GRPC services via an HTTP residual interface: GRPC gateway surveys requests into a JSON format and allows access to upstream GRPC services via a simple HTTP request.

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