No agreement on the lever between berlin and paris

Bank or insurance? Instead of at the EU summit, a decision is to be made again at a special summit because of the german-french dispute

No sign of agreement. Allegedly, berlin and paris had already agreed on a line how to definitely convert the temporary bailout fund EFSF via a lever into an insurance for banks in order to be able to increase the total amount up to 2 trillion euros (… And leveraged to 2 trillion euros). But far from it, at the secret meeting in frankfurt on wednesday, the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president nicolas sarkozy could not reach an agreement. If they wanted to pose as EU heads of government once again in their bilateral talks, they only exacerbated the situation by bargaining for national interests.

How merkel and sarkozy want to save their "euro bailout", as even the financial times deutschland now points out, is open to question. In order not to have to cancel another EU summit, as was the case after the break-up of the dexia bank, the summit is to take place on sunday after all. But in brussels there is only palaver to be heard. There will be no resolutions. That is why merkel has also canceled her government declaration scheduled for today, in which she wanted to declare what was to be printed through from paris and berlin on sunday in brussels.

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Mh17: “the russian armed forces under vladimir putin are solely responsible for the shootdown”

The research bureau CORRECT!V has published a report and believes it can now name the perpetrators and those responsible

The research agency CORRECT!V has spent months investigating the downing of the MH17 passenger plane on 17. July 2014 and has come to the conclusion that, after a dense chain of "according to a dense chain of evidence" russian soldiers were responsible. The soldiers of the 53. Russian air defense brigade from kursk had been on ukrainian territory without nationality markings in order to protect russian tanks. The official investigation report is still pending, the preliminary report only stated that the plane had been hit by objects with high energy and that it was a shootdown.

The report refers to an "air force expert", who wishes to remain anonymous. He had ared that the plane was shot down from the ground, not by a fighter plane, as the russian side had suggested. Since MH17 was riddled with objects from the front and from above, it could not have been shot down by a fighter that was attacking a target from behind. It could only have been a mobile surface-to-air missile, a BUK missile, which exploded shortly before impact.

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British house of commons says “yes, but” to open access in science

Politicians suggest, for example, that institutes build their own archives to allow free access to publicly funded research

The parliamentary report entitled scientific publications: free for all?, presented in london on tuesday, is a nearly 150-page analysis by the science and technology committee, a very agile policy task force that has been studying the policies and spending of the office of science and technology (OST) for years. The OST is a supervisory authority over the scientific policy of the british government and the british research organizations ("research councils").

The debate over open access has traditionally been more fierce and involved in england than in most other countries. This is possibly due to a somewhat coarser interest in scientific topics, but certainly also to the fact that england is home to some of the most important players in the industry. Blackwell and nature publishing group are british. Reed elsevier maintains its largest publishing house on the island. And on the other hand, biomedcentral has set up shop in london, an open access publisher that is one of the co-inventors of the author-pays model. In this business model, the costs of publishing research papers are no longer recovered by publishers through subscription fees, as has traditionally been the case, but rather through a fee of varying amounts paid in advance of publication by the researcher or the researcher’s research institution or funder.

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Car toll: federal council agrees

Against the resistance of several federal states, the federal council approved the controversial CSU wish project car toll. Thus, the laws of transport minister alexander dobindt (CSU) took the last parliamentary hurde on friday and are terminated final. Start the toll in 2016, at a not mentioned date. It applies to domestic car owners on highways and federal hubs, for car drivers from abroad only on highways. Inland pay average 74 euros annual digester, depending on the gross and environmental friendliness of the car. You should get your money on a lower car tax back.

The CSU had surpassed that the red-green dominated landerkammer could stop the toll again on the last meters to enforce substantial exceptions for motorway sections in border nearby. Several influential countries – especially north rhine-westphalia, rhineland-palatinate and baden-wurttemberg – made themselves stronger to call the conciliation committee. The federal council could prevent the laws already adopted in the bundestag. Negotiations had the project, but canceled delicate.

Dobrindt praised, the toll secure long-term expansion of infrastructure. Further delays are therefore not displayed. After deduction of the system costs, the toll should contribute 300 million euros. CDU, CSU and SPD had agreed the CSU prestigious project in the coalition contract.NRW and the other critical landlords flavored economic pubes in the border regions by the submission, which burdened only the foreign riders. There is the concern that there were many riders on side tracks.

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New vw polo dreiturer: is less enough?

New vw polo dreiturer: is less enough?

Dusseldorf, 29. September 2009 – the original version of the VW polo was a dream of three and so small that the backstures were hardly accommodating anyway. At that time, threimorer were still widespread, funfhen usually luxury. Anyone who launches a three-to-market today will usually try to position him as a sporty offshoot – in some cases it even succeeds in cutting the customer for even more money.

Optically unspectacular

So it is not the new polo to the gluck. He is 735 euros cheaper, but should also work something athletic, SEAT persecutes the sister­model ibiza A similar strategy. VW tries with terms such as "tornadoline" to represent the three-threerator as particularly dynamic. According to the manufacturer, there is a near-coupe appearance through the long-term front treatments and a "redesigned band of the side windows and filigree sporty C-sucks". In the realitat, however, it is not much to remember. Although the vehicle in the side view is quite more harmonious than the funfurer, but it is certainly not purchasing. VW chief designer walter da silva has remained true to the clear polo lines and renounces fashionable experiments. We remember the positive consequences in the interior.

Good space

After wasting ourselves without whose problems on the ruckbank, we find a good space for space there. If the comfortable front seats are not pushed extremely backward, even 1,85 meters of gray persons are found in the rear leg and headroom. The reason for this can be found in the technical data: a small car as in the 1970s is the new polo no more. Whether three or funfturer: a long of 3.97 meters and a wheelbase of 2.47 meters are decreased, which had to offer earlier first the golf.

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Fdp wants hartz iv money short and a “activating” flat rate “burgergeld” imports

FDP secretary general lindner stands by westerwelle, but even within the FDP voices against the brash dismantling of the welfare state are growing

It’s not so bad when the conservative newspapers offer the liberals a platform to make their mark with pointed remarks – or do they have the perfidious ulterior motive of harming them in the process, since the CDU/CSU is noticeably distancing itself from its coalition partner?? First, FDP leader westerwelle was allowed to talk in springer’s world of "effortless prosperity" of hartz IV recipients and spatromic, but nevertheless socialist decadence, now the FAZ has opened the stage for christian lindner, the general secretary of the FDP, for a guest contribution. Lindner takes the opportunity, although not directly like his party friend martin lindner to explicitly propose a lowering of hartz IV benefits, but with his propagated "activating burger money" (this sentence has been changed, d. Red.).

Lindner comes to the aid of the beleaguered party leader, albeit with a little better made-up rhetoric. He does not rage against decadence, but says that the FDP only does not want to let enter fully, what nevertheless already the "founding father of the social market economy" namely that the principle of benefits would be subordinated to the principle of the welfare state. Today, through the "welfare state" people "permanently locked out of work and education". So, where work and educational opportunities are apparently open to everyone, people are enticed or even forced by transfer payments to stay away from work, to have no "desire for advancement" to develop, to give up personal responsibility and "humanity by anonymous legal claims" to replace. This means, as has been philosophically suggested to the liberals, that the poor should be grateful for donations from the rich and otherwise look where they are left.

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