Visits israel!

After the death of palestinian president yasser arafat, a new round of middle east diplomacy has begun

Outgoing U.S. Auben secretary colin powell was the first on a long list of international leaders who will be visiting israel and the palestinian territories in the coming weeks. He was followed last wednesday by british secretary of state jack straw; later this week, steven hadley, deputy national security adviser to U.S. President george W. Bush, will also join the U.S. Government. Bush, arrive to discuss with the interim palestinian leadership the situation following the death of palestinian president yasser arafat and expected developments on the palestinian side. In addition, egypt’s auben minister ahmed abdul gheid, his intelligence chief omar suleiman and spanish auben minister miguel moratinos are expected to visit the region next week. Turkey’s auben minister abdullah gul and britain’s prime minister tony blair will pay their visits to israel and the palestinian territories just before christmas. A spokesman for the british prime minister said on friday that the government in london wanted to demonstrate the importance of the middle east peace process for its policy.

Common goal of the political tourists: after the death of yasser arafat in early november, they want to get the stalled peace process going again. The unilateral israeli withdrawal from gaza and parts of the northern west bank is to be turned into a mutually agreeable dispersal, embedded in the "road map to peace," the so-called "middle east quartet" of the united states, the european union, russia and the united nations last spring.

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Recording states

Recording states

Screenshots 1: 11. March, 19.21 o’clock; 2: 12. Marz 00.00 o’clock. 3: 12. Marz, 21.51 o’clock. 4: 14. Marz, 17.26 (all ZDF.En)

Fukushima, the invisible and journalism

"What we know about our society, indeed about the world in which we live, we know from the mass media" is a sentence that has almost become a commonplace, with which niklas luhmann in 1996 opened his book "the reality of the mass media" . But what if the mass media do not know anything either – and still have to broadcast?? Even have to broadcast permanently? Johannes hano, ZDF studio director in beijing and tokyo, reported from japan in march 2011 on earthquakes, tsunamis and worst-case scenarios. Now he has published his memories of the traumatic events.

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Fight against global piracy

US president bush fills the post of a "anti-piracy chief" in the ministry of economics, primary target is china

U.S. Government reinforces importance of combating U.S. Intellectual property theft worldwide by creating new post at department of commerce. There, the position of a high-ranking coordinator for international intellectual property protection was created and filled with chris israel. The U.S. Economy loses billions of dollars a year to intellectual property theft, the argument goes.

Secretary of commerce carlos gutierrez stated that intellectual theft damages the U.S. Economy to the tune of $250 billion annually. You have to protect american innovation and creativity more aggressively: "our companies", gutierrez said, "thrive on innovation, ideas and creativity. … That’s how our country has grown. And we cannot allow a global trade to develop where patents, trademarks and brands are not protected."

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No agreement on the lever between berlin and paris

Bank or insurance? Instead of at the EU summit, a decision is to be made again at a special summit because of the german-french dispute

No sign of agreement. Allegedly, berlin and paris had already agreed on a line how to definitely convert the temporary bailout fund EFSF via a lever into an insurance for banks in order to be able to increase the total amount up to 2 trillion euros (… And leveraged to 2 trillion euros). But far from it, at the secret meeting in frankfurt on wednesday, the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president nicolas sarkozy could not reach an agreement. If they wanted to pose as EU heads of government once again in their bilateral talks, they only exacerbated the situation by bargaining for national interests.

How merkel and sarkozy want to save their "euro bailout", as even the financial times deutschland now points out, is open to question. In order not to have to cancel another EU summit, as was the case after the break-up of the dexia bank, the summit is to take place on sunday after all. But in brussels there is only palaver to be heard. There will be no resolutions. That is why merkel has also canceled her government declaration scheduled for today, in which she wanted to declare what was to be printed through from paris and berlin on sunday in brussels.

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Struggle for resources and direct feeding of information into the brain

A UK ministry of defense report lists all the possible risks and shocks of the future from neutron bombs to autonomous combat robots to the new middle-class marxism and climate warming

In a report, the UK ministry of defense has attempted to identify the "global strategic trends" for the next 30 years. The development concepts and doctrine centre (DCDC), which is responsible for the report, is thinking futuristically. The british military must also prepare for the consequences of climate change, for which there is convincing evidence "convincing evidence" but also the militarization of space, with the possibility of EMP weapons or chips entering people’s brains.

Struggle for resources and direct feeding of information into the brain

Rear admiral chris parry, the head of the DCDC, explained to be on the safe side that while the trends mentioned in the report were the most likely developments, there were many uncertainties because there were many variables to ame and everything was interrelated. For many trends, only uncertain evidence was available, and some were based on political decisions that could change quickly. Parry is almost philosophical when he muses that while the future is mostly a consequence of developments in the past and present, the "power of chance and surprise" remains a constant. The 100-page report deals with just about everything that can be imagined. Attempts are made to determine the probability of the scenarios and to estimate alternative developments. One thing is certain: in the next 30 years, all aspects of human "all aspects of human life will change at an unprecedented speed" will change.

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Mh17: “the russian armed forces under vladimir putin are solely responsible for the shootdown”

The research bureau CORRECT!V has published a report and believes it can now name the perpetrators and those responsible

The research agency CORRECT!V has spent months investigating the downing of the MH17 passenger plane on 17. July 2014 and has come to the conclusion that, after a dense chain of "according to a dense chain of evidence" russian soldiers were responsible. The soldiers of the 53. Russian air defense brigade from kursk had been on ukrainian territory without nationality markings in order to protect russian tanks. The official investigation report is still pending, the preliminary report only stated that the plane had been hit by objects with high energy and that it was a shootdown.

The report refers to an "air force expert", who wishes to remain anonymous. He had ared that the plane was shot down from the ground, not by a fighter plane, as the russian side had suggested. Since MH17 was riddled with objects from the front and from above, it could not have been shot down by a fighter that was attacking a target from behind. It could only have been a mobile surface-to-air missile, a BUK missile, which exploded shortly before impact.

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Will brexit lead to grexit or will it strengthen tsipras’ position??

Will brexit lead to grexit or strengthen tsipras' position?

Alexis tsipras on saturday at the meeting of the central committee of SYRIZA. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

The athens view on brexit

It is almost impossible to discuss brexit in greece without talking about grexit in the same breath. At the same time, many greeks find it interesting that yanis varoufakis, of all people, the former finance minister, was one of the most energetic supporters of a bremain. Exactly one year ago, on 25. The greek parliament had decided on the hellenic referendum on june 6, 2015, to decide whether to continue or reject the austerity measures demanded by the lenders.

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Groko: light and shade in energy policy

Groko: light and shade in energy policy

Westfalen power plant in hamm-uentrop. Image: jurgen liebich.0

The energy and climate newsreel: of new commissions, the tenuous life of coal-fired power plants, china’s transformation and the global growth of wind energy use

The coalition agreement between the SPD and the CDU/CSU is now signed and sealed. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer on the subject of climate and energy, and what the SPD members will be voting on in the coming weeks.

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India: starting a rocket with earth observation satellite failed

India: Starting a rocket with earth observation satellite failed

An indian rocket of the type GSLV has not succeeded after a facilitated start due to a technical anomaly to bring a novel earth observation satellite into an orbit. That has admitted the indian spatial community isro. The first two steps had worked normally, but the end of the cryogenic upper level did not work: "the mission could not be completed as intended." the start was the 14. An GSLV and in the past had it at first several problems, but last it had only given success.

A satellite "according to the state of the art"

At the start of the indian space station shar (satish dhawan space center) on an island in the gulf of bengal, the satellite EOS-03 should actually be brought to space. He aligned with india’s first state-of-the-art earth observation satellites, which should be placed in a geostationary orbit. It should be quasi in real-time recordings of large regions at regular intervals, for example, to help with natural disasters, recurring or only short-term events with satellite images. The planned shots were intended, among other things, for agriculture, extreme weather analyzes and civil protection. A second satellite of the program will be started in the coming year.

In the rocket whose start has now failed, it was a geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle reagle rocket, which has been used for 20 years and from which there are two versions. Of the total of 14 starts, only eight were completely successful. The last start of a GSLV MK II before the failure now took place in december 2018. In the meantime, improvements were made to the model, which can be absorbed by the larger payloads. The next starts are only scheduled for the coming year, so isro remains some time for the analysis of the causes.

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Lashes for freedom of speech

In the vaunted model "kurdistan" there is talk of torture, incarceration and execution

So far, the kurdish part of iraq has a reputation for being more democratic than the rest of the country. Two more recent events, however, shed a different light on freedom of expression and freedom of the press in the "kurdistan model".

Last sunday, according to reuters news agency, journalist kamal said qadir was sentenced to one and a half years in prison – for criticizing kurdish leader barzani, head of the KDP (kurdistan democratic party). According to the human rights organization amnesty international, qadir, who holds austrian nationality, had accused the KDP leadership of bribery and abuse of power in two articles published on the internet last year. In december, he was subsequently summoned to court on flimsy pretext and sentenced to 30 (!) sentenced to years in prison, although qadir was able to present evidence for his accusations.

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