Mh17: “the russian armed forces under vladimir putin are solely responsible for the shootdown”

The research bureau CORRECT!V has published a report and believes it can now name the perpetrators and those responsible

The research agency CORRECT!V has spent months investigating the downing of the MH17 passenger plane on 17. July 2014 and has come to the conclusion that, after a dense chain of "according to a dense chain of evidence" russian soldiers were responsible. The soldiers of the 53. Russian air defense brigade from kursk had been on ukrainian territory without nationality markings in order to protect russian tanks. The official investigation report is still pending, the preliminary report only stated that the plane had been hit by objects with high energy and that it was a shootdown.

The report refers to an "air force expert", who wishes to remain anonymous. He had ared that the plane was shot down from the ground, not by a fighter plane, as the russian side had suggested. Since MH17 was riddled with objects from the front and from above, it could not have been shot down by a fighter that was attacking a target from behind. It could only have been a mobile surface-to-air missile, a BUK missile, which exploded shortly before impact.

Harry horlings, a former dutch fighter pilot, is quoted as another expert pointing out the problem with the BUK missile system, which uses an active radar that cannot tell whether a civilian or military aircraft is being targeted. Because a fighter pilot can immediately detect active radar, everything has to be done quickly, which leads to mistakes, as was the case when a russian civilian plane was shot down during a training exercise by the ukrainian armed forces. Russian tank units and ground forces were always accompanied by BUK systems to protect them from attacks from the air.

Although russia has always denied the presence of tanks and ground troops, kiev, the U.S. Auben department and NATO indicated as early as june that russian tanks had been spotted near snizhne. If this is the case, it should be amed, according to the report, that there are also BUK air defense systems, whose missiles can fly up to 15 km high. But then passenger planes had been endangered over this area, they had to close the airspace. In fact, the ukrainian air force flew attacks, and there were before the 17. July also shot down some fighter aircraft.

The ukrainian authorities had set the flight altitude above the combat zone to over 10.000 meters raised. The report suggests that this may also have been done so that ukrainian fighter jets, which like the MIG-29 can fly up to 15 km high, could hide between the passenger planes so they could attack. The passengers were thus "human shields" . As the russian ministry of defense had also explained, ukrainian fighter planes had been in the vicinity on july 17 before the shooting down. Since, as mentioned above, a BUK system has to push quickly in order not to be shot at by the targeted fighter, it could be that MH17 was accidentally hit – with the possibility that this could also have been provoked by the ukrainian military and the russians or the separatists walked into a trap.

Although one airline had avoided the route over the war zone, ukraine did not block the route – possibly, as the lawyer of german victims thought, in order not to have to give up the overflight money – nor did NATO or the individual governments give warnings, although they must have known about the russian tanks, which NATO itself had pointed out. But maybe NATO was not so sure about it? For the authors of the report, one thing is certain: "germany and its european NATO partners shy away from calling the war a war. Governments know about russian tanks in separatist area. They do not draw the consequences from this knowledge. The german government sees no danger for civil aviation."

After a question to the dutch government from two opposition parties, the government explained that it had been informed about the dangerous situation by ukrainian authorities 3 days before the shooting down. A ukrainian military plane of the type antonov had been shot down in rough altitude. However, the dutch government had not informed the airlines.

In its reply, the government pointed out that the media had also reported on it, so the crash had been known, but no government intervention had been necessary: "from the information known to the cabinet at that moment, it was not concluded that additional measures had to be taken. The ukrainian authorities had declared the airspace above 9.75 kilometers as safe."

Why it should have been russian soldiers

Marcus bensmann traveled to ukraine to find out from where the BUK missile could have been fired. After talking to people on the ground, he came to the conclusion that in zaroshchens’ke, where the russian military suspected a ukrainian BUK position, there was no firing that could not have gone unnoticed. Moreover, at that time the ukrainian army did not control the area. Furthermore, one relies on the research of the investigative team bellingcat, which, however, did not research on site, but evaluated all available sources and documents. According to the report, in the area controlled by separatists around m afternoon of 17. July 2014, on this day, as evidenced by photos, a BUK system is said to have entered the town of snizhne coming from donetsk. The photos are authentic, correct said!V.

And there are also picture proofs of a russian convoy of the 53rd convoy. Air defense brigade with BUK systems, which had entered ukraine from russia. Witnesses on the scene were smoked in, some saying they had heard an explosion and seen smoke. Finally, bensmann claims to have met a witness who told him: "they shot it down with a rocket. They launched the missile from there. We have seen her flying. … I was in the yard and heard an explosion, a blow. There was such a chlop (russian for blow). The tiles on the roof were shaking. And this blow was over there, that could be heard very well here. There was such a long sound. And then there was a very strong explosion: bach bach. And just when I was walking on the strabe, the plane crashed, along the strabe some kilometers away from here. You see? And you could see it burning there."

The authors also ame that the low loader with a BUK launching pad, which is shown on a video under a billboard of the ukrainian car dealer "bogdan" in lugansk, was seen driving towards the russian border. The billboard is still hanging there now, the russian version is false.

All experts, including separatist leaders interviewed, are convinced that the separatists could not operate a BUK system, it could only be russian soldiers trained for it, if it was a russian system. Without any doubt, the authors claim that they had now presented the indisputable truth:

The russian armed forces under vladimir putin are solely responsible for the shootdown. They destabilized eastern ukraine, they brought the troops and the technology into the separatist area to shoot down MH17. It doesn’t matter at all whether the shootdown was targeted or accidental out of panic.

But the ukrainian government, EU governments and airlines are also partly responsible for putting the lives of airline passengers at risk.