Autonomous driving: manner less skeptical than women

Autonomous driving: Manner less skeptical than women

38 percent of people in germany can currently imagine own a self-propelled car. 55 percent are still more skeptical of this development, resulting in a foresa survey on behalf of insurance cosmosdirekt. In 2015, 41 percent of the survey participants had to introduce them to own an autonomous car.

In sympathy to the technique, gender and age-related differences. 49 percent of the men can imagine to own an autonomous vehicle, 29 percent of women. While the 18- to 29-year-olds at 52 percent and the 30- to 44-year-olds are open at 54 percent, to sit playful in their own traveling car, this can be 35 percent of 45 to 59-year-old and 24 percent of the age group 60 plus introduce.

"Feels funny"

The aversion to the self-propelled cars is greeted by 70 percent with it for you "funny" became the control. 65 percent perceive the system currently not mature enough to answer the question today and 58 percent of the survey participants have spab to direct the vehicle themselves. 57 percent cover their rejection with the unclear legal ie of liability. 41 percent lacks trust in technology and 26 percent of respondents feared before the loss of control through potential cyber attacks.

Although there are still a PWC study until 2035 until autonomous cars are widespread, 48 percent survey participants are already seeing OPNV today as a meaningful range of applications of this technique. 38 percent see a benefit of particular for truck traffic and 25 percent for the car or car or. Taxi traffic. Another 24 percent of the survey participants can introduce the use of the new technology in autonomous bus buses.

Survey for autonomous driving (october 2020)

Autonomous driving: Manner less skeptical than women

For the survey in october 2020 in germany, 1510 people aged 18 years from 18 years. A survey of the TUV rheinland from the year 2017 to the acceptance of autonomous driving in germany had shown that three quarters of the interviewees of the technology were positive, but in detail still had many reservations in view of the technical implementation. Anhnery revealed a survey award.