Thanks to tax privilege

Frankfurt am main / tokyo, 25. October 2013 – honda will show in tokyo a small, open sports car in the tradition of the west bags-roadster. The microcar will not be more long than 3.4 and not wider than 1.48 meters, weigh less than 1000 kilograms and do not get more than 64 hp from 660 cubic centimeters. As with such cars in the meantime, they are generated by a three-cylinder with turbocharger.

With lifter

The reason for the accessibility in all dimensions is a japanese tax privilege for cars with the above-mentioned moss, adds to your holder for you no parking certificate. The modest subsignions were allowed to enhance the donning spab, which was considerably allowed in the desired 900 kilograms despite the performance limit.

Should honda build the winzling and then he should then be exported, the driving dynamics could be clearly upgraded: the daihatsu copen, the counterpart to honda’s study from the toyota group, has for other countries a 1.3-liter engine with 87 hp receive. The 850 kilogram lightweight roof roadster was from 2003 to 2010 in the program of daihatsu germany and could now be inherited from the S660.

It was already possible if at least the japanese were maintained the coarse tradition of small british west pockets roadster in the style of an austin-healey sprite, MG midget or triumph spitfire alive alive. Thanks to japanese tax legislation!