Source code for infocasis to the programming language go is now open source

Source code for Infobasis to the programming language Go is now Open Source

The team behind the programming language GO has the source potential of the source code to PKG in a blog post.Go.DEV sales, part of the official go documentation. The GO project has the offer 2019 on the new domain go.DEV as a central contact point for information about go-packages and modules, in the long term, it should be the previous contact point godoc.Org.

Central contact point for the documentation of GO

Similar to godoc.Org serves the subdomain pkg.Go.DEV since the documentation of the programming language. Go developers apparently find information about past versions of packages and modules.

The go-team published a roadmap in which the community apparently can view the status of work on the documentation of the programming language. On the plan for the current year 2020 are design updates, the redirection of the entire traffic of godoc.Org zu PKG.Go.DEV and improvements of the search function. Since february 2020, inquiries to the old address godoc.Org and their tracking gradually on the new information page PKG.Go.DEV diverted (go IE 33654).

Resources for contributor and feedback to go

The repository for PKG.Go.Dev is on the go page at googlesource.Com, on github is a mirrored version. The GO-team apparently continues the go ie tracker to feed feedback and contributions to PKG.Go.DEV. GO developers who wanted to contribute something, the GO-team attaches the contribution guidelines to the heart.