Significantly less traffic note in august 2014

In august 2014, 276 people lost their lives in the dusty traffic in germany. After leading results of the federal statistical office, the 47 persons or 14.6 percent were less than in august 2013. With around 33.300 people were also injured 11.3 percent fewer people than in the same month last year. The bad weather in august 2014 compared to the previous year was allowed to contribute to this development.

The total number of police-recorded traffic detections went by 3.2 percent to around 188 in august 2014 in the previous year.100 back. The number of inflates with exclusive property damage decreased by 1.3 percent to 163.000, the number of inflates with personal injury fell by 14.0 percent to about 25.100.

Despite this positive development in august and in the previous month of july, more people came to damage in the first eight months of this year than in the previous year: a total of 2.179 people lost their lives on german strain until the end of august 2014, which were 2.0 percent more than from january to august 2013. In the injured persons there was an increase of 4.2 percent to 256.600 people.

However, the police in the first eight months of this year was rarely called to an accident than in the same period of the previous year: the number of police-recorded inflation fell by 1.8 percent to around 1.54 million. Among them were 199.100 unfalls with personal injury (+ 3.9 percent) and 1.35 million inflates in which property damage remained (- 2.6 percent).