Seat ibiza ecomotive needs only 3.7 liters

Seat ibiza ecomotive needs only 3.7 liters

Morfelden, 4. December 2008 – the most economical production car on the market is the two-seater smart fortwo, which consumes 3.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Among the small cars in the lead was the ford fiesta 1.6 tdci with 3.7 liters. The seat ibiza ecomotive will catch up with this model in february 2009.

Improved aerodynamics and engine management

For this, the ibiza uses the three-cylinder diesel with pump-diesel injection, which is also used in the standard version. With the 80 hp 1.4 TDI, the standard model consumes 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers on the EU cycle. To reduce fuel consumption, aerodynamics have been improved. At the front, the radiator grille has been fully closed and the lower air grille changed. In addition, there is a four centimeter larger front spoiler, a roof spoiler and air deflectors on the rear wheels. According to seat, the engine management system has also been optimized with regard to "injection times and the use of the turbocharger". And it has been slimmed down, but only minimally: the ibiza 1, which normally weighs 1175 kilograms.4 TDI was just ten kilos lighter. The closed hubcaps have a positive effect on weight and aerodynamics. The rolling resistance is reduced by increased tire prere.

Better driving performance

In addition to reduced fuel consumption, the emissions package leads to an eight-km improvement in fuel economy. The ecomotive takes 12.9 seconds to sprint to 100 km/h, which is two tenths faster than the standard version.