Satellite data: esa portal shows follow the corona and climate crisis from the all

Satellite data: ESA portal shows follow the corona and climate crisis from the all

The EU commission has developed a special earth observatory in cooperation with the european space agency ESA, which is above all the toys of the coronavirus pandemic, the linked lockdown, and the now running phase of renewed start-up of the economy to the smallest regions transparent. The tool present on friday combines for satellite data of the EU earth observation program copernicus with analysis of environmental parameters and measured values of human activities.

Air quality, traffic, pollution observation

With the "rapid action coronavirus earth observation tool" (race) baptized platform can be made from space, for example, changes in the air and water qualitat as well as economic and human activities including industry, shipping, construction, traffic and agricultural productivity overlook.

A feature allows the meng of worldwide pollution: one of the greetings available on the portal shows the average nitrogen dioxide concentration on regions such as lombardy or coarse dates such as berlin and paris. It also becomes clear that air pollution has risen immediately after the end of coarse-flat lockdown macers and, for example, at the discovery of SARS-COV-2 in central chinese wuhan, even the pre-corona level is exceeded.

Ki illustrates followers for business

Race should also illustrate how can the combination of satellite data with methods of artificial intelligence (AI) economic indicators. The ESA director for earth observation, josef aschbacher, presented these skills on the basis of recognizable production channels at a car manufacturer in germany and the increase in aircraft traffic at barcelona airport during the corona crisis. In general, the instrument panel will love "both sociooconomic and ocological changes" illustrate.

Users can be over that "dashboard" for example, pursue the effects of austerity-saving time in brandenburg and data from this corona early year with the "normal" compare season 2019. Also observe, for example, the advent of ships in the hamburg harbor, which gives references to the transport of raw materials.

Help when reaching the "green goals" the EU

In the coming months, race will be expanded to control additional sites across europe, customer aschbacher. The platform should also be enriched with other data that are provided by the copernicus sentinel 5P satellites and third-party missions. Measured values are currently about companies and institutions such as aerospacelab, airbus, earthpuls, mundi web services, planetek hellas, the universitat bremen and vodafone.

The ESA had asked for ideas in april how data from running satellite missions could let the corona crisis leased, and launch a programming competition. The resulting adult race platform designated EU internal market commissioner thierry breton as "real proof for the resistance of europe". The tool should also help "green goals" to reach the EU.