Must not, is not: ferrari fxx-k evo

In 2013 ferrari brought the laferari to the strain. The audest ferrari, who ever saw the towering of the world. This proved the brand that italian is a sound language that can allow everything to be. Porsche brought a "derporsche" on the market, you were embarrassed to go to the mercedes handler.

One year later ferrari fired the FXX-K on the racetrack. These were the downhanded variant of the laferrari. 2017 followed the follow-up version of the follow-up version of the main ferraris of all time and worlds. And the hoard on the name ferrari FXX-K evo.

The XX program of the brand is a melting pot for all findings collected in racing classes to form new technologies from this. The "K" stands for the "kinetic energy recovery system" and "evo" means that one has oriented to the mitsubishi lancer. Small joke.

Downforce on GT3 and GTE level

In the latest model, the engineers have focused on aerodynamics and weight loss according to their own statement. Thus, the output coefficient should have been improved by 75 percent compared to the laferari. Of course, the research focus is not to heat that the 1050 hp, which come from zwolf cylinders were achieved by the way.

In total, the ferrari FXX-K evo brings to a highest speed of 350 kilometers kilometers. If this is achieved, the rear spoiler contributes 830 kilogram to stability. At tempo 200 it is 640 kilograms. Purely practically means that it can accommodate the car in terms of downforce with the vehicles of the GT3 and GTE class. Blod only: in their classes he can not ride.

That’s why ferrari will organize all nine race weekends between marz and october 2018, where customers will then be loaded onto the route to find out the ferrari FXX-K evo. This may be laughable, but that was allowed to move this collector’s butt (with about 2.5 million euros per stucco) more moved than most other vehicles of this price range. And above all.