Mars-rover perseverance: further color images made of convinced raw data

Mars-Rover Perseverance: Further color images made of convinced raw data

Four days after the youngest NASA-rover perseverance salvation landed on mars, the US space agency has arrived more and more data, including a number of pictures. However, it was published so far only which of the hazcams, which are always mounted in pairs under the rover and to detect dangers. They absorb photos in several color channels from which color photos summarize that yields that NASA has already published.

Customized pictures and videos

However, this succession is reworked only in terms of objective distortion and not further color corrected. The new pictures give highest a rough orientation for how perseverance sees his surroundings. Better pictures should follow in the coming days, NASA has already announced another press conference.

Perseverance: color images come together from individual images

Mars-Rover Perseverance: Further color images made of convinced raw data

the look back right.

Mars-Rover Perseverance: Further color images made of convinced raw data

The rover during landing

Perseverance had landed last thursday on mars, immediately after his arrival at the red planet. Although the landing for the engineers was an even greater challenge than the process of curiosity, she has apparently folded perfectly perfectly. First, a brake case had slowed down the enormous speed of the danger, then the braking rackets of the relegation stage had slowed down the rover at a stepped speed and deposited at a location that the rover autonomously selected. The is located in the jezero crater, where once a pool was allowed to have been.

During the previously begun preparations with which the rover is to be made missionary, NASA has now received first data of the small helicopter ingenuity. Accordingly, both the small helicopter and its base station work as expected and the batteries should now be loaded. He should remain connected to the rover for 30 to 60 days before a first flight attempt is to be made, NASA explains. After that, the rover should start his exploration journey. The US space agency has stated another press conference for mondayend (8 pm CET), in which new pictures and also a video of perseverance should be published.