Lada manufacturer avtovaz: personnel reduction due to crisis

Lada manufacturer avtovaz: personnel reduction due to crisis

By 2018, more than 8,000 employees should be dismissed, as the representative of prasident vladimir putin in the doofations district of volga, mikhail babitsch, on monday in moscow told avtovaz. The group, on the other hand, said it was not planned classical units, but several thousand workers should switch to a new industrial park in the coming two years.

Avtovaz is the manufacturer of the traditional brand lada and marktfuhrer in russia, the company is controlled by the state technology group ROSTEC and renault-nissan. Already in recent years, the group based in togliatti on the volga had its number of employees of around 100.000 to about 40.000 reduced, as industrial minister denis manturow had said early. Other "optimization tarpaulin" had only cosmetic character, he said the agency interfax according to.

Prasident representative babitsch, however, spoke of a shortness of 6000 posts this year as well as from 2200 in the coming year. "We are very important to us that social guarantees (…) be maintained, "said babitsch agencies. The people concerned had to get the possibility to retrain and new, well-paid jobs.

Avtovaz had already announced in february to paint 740 this year. Currently there is no tarpaulin to increase this number, the group shared in response to babitsch. The CEO sergei skworzow area of the agency TASS according to, however, the car maker is in conversation with the regulators of possibly benefits for personnel costs.

At the same time, employees were retired and a program will be implemented for supporting the staff who should change to other employers, strolled it out of togliatti. Most recently, 800 employees have been added to a new industrial park. "The company is planning a stable development of this project, in the coming two years, several thousand people should change to new jobs."The industrial park underer about avtovaz, details of the structure or concrete numbers did not call the group but not.

Only in january avtovaz boss had nicolas maure the german press agency said: "this year no hard males are planned."He had suggested that employees could be conveyed to other areas or partner companies. Even now maure said interfax according to, there are some places too much and other, for example with suppliers, too little staff. The group must react flexibly.

Avtovaz had been selling fewer vehicles and fewer vehicles in 2012 since the beginning of the russian sales crisis in 2012 and booked billions of losses in 2015 and 2016. Since the beginning of the year, however, a turnaround is on the market: with around 140.000 vehicles sold lada 13 percent more cars than in the first half of 2016. At 2018, the group wants to write black numbers again.