Huawei without android license: usa let derogation expire

Huawei without Android license: USA let derogation expire

Huawei now gets the full force of the US embargos confined by last may: the US government of donald trump has no longer demanded a derogation with special licenses for the chinese company. The special regulation applicable since may 2019 ran on the 13th. August.

Last year, the USA huawei has set a black list that prohibits US companies trading related relations with the chinese group. However, this embargo has never fully entered into force because a special license allowed through exceptions. This license was last in may to 13. August has been extended. Now she will no longer be demanded, confirmed the US department of washington post. The US government raises huawei espionage for the chinese state.

Immediate effects will have the expiry of the special license according to washington post, among other things, on smaller mobile radio providers in the US, which set from cost-round on huatechnical technology. Because it forgot the trade restrictions US companies to forgive their technologies to huawei, but also users of huawei phones could also be affected.

Heise show about huawei against USA

Android and hardware affected

So far, huawei phones, who came to trade before may 2019, continued to use android unrecognized and relate to software updates. This was possible but only due to the special license. Without this exceptional permit, the future of this huawei phones is currently unclear: in order to continue to bring version updates to his smartphones, huawei had to follow the open source catch from android.

This version of android can also be used without a license, but has some limits – especially the lack of google play services and play stores. Most huawei phones that came to trade after entering US trade restrictions are already running by market launch with the license-free android variant. That huawei is the smartphones that were previously with full android, by software update to an unlicent version of the operating system, seems unlikely.

For huawei, the delivery with hardware components was now difficult: early august were still reports, qualcomm was heavy deal with huawei a year 8 billion euros per year. Without the special license, qualcomm may not sell chips to huawei. The chinese company should have already massively increased its inventory in order to prepare for the end of the exception license. The mate 30 has already produced huawei already completely without parts of US companies.