From for burner cars in uk: autoexperte looks under pressure

From for burner cars in UK: AutoExperte looks under prere

With its planning for a banner ban, the british prime minister boris johnson puts the industry in the united konigreich, according to autoexperte stefan bratzel. It is "a strong signal" for the british carmakers to increase their activities in terms of electromobility, bratzel said.

Possible domino effect

"So far, the carmakers there are not so strongly known for the topic of electromobility." exception is nissan, the japanese produce numerous vehicles in the UK even for the EU market.

Johnson wants to ban the sale of diesel cars and petrol to the sale of 2030. So swing a gross market on electromobility "and this is a signal to the continent and the manufacturers", said bratzel. "If such a gross market is relatively quickly a turning into a turning, then the one domino effect can be susceptible."

No-deal-brexit becomes the brake pad

The german manufacturers had not been afraid of the british competition in the face of envision, said the professor for automotive industry at the university of applied sciences in bergisch gladbach. "I do not see that at the moment?." the german auto industry also initiated the change to electromobility and be "in the catch-up process". A real british automotive industry or coarse competences than here also do not give it.

In addition, a compliant no-deal-brexit, so an EU outlet of the united konigreich without trade agreement, the industry in the great britain. The trade will also be more difficult as the exchange and use of staff, the temporal effort to take. "The costs increase", said the expert. "These are not really good framework conditions for the development of a british auto industry."

Especially since the industry in the great britain is still strong under prere because you can now reach the change to the electromobility under brexit conditions. "The no-deal-brexit creates more problems than that he has lost things." premier johnson have "rather a pyrrhus victory also achieved for the british auto industry", said bratzel. It would be comprehensible if there are about japanese manufacturers who have rough works in the great britain thought about shifting production into the EU.