Five losers in adac child seat test

Five losers in adac child seat test

Munich, 23. May 2011 – the automobile club ADAC, together with stiftung warentest, has tested 28 child seats for all weight classes. This time, not only the crash safety was tested, but also the exposure of the seats to harmful substances was examined. This resulted in two of the seats being rated "poor" one.

Top seats also on offer

According to ADAC, there are good child seats in every category. The test winner was the baby-safe plus II SHR with isofix base from romer. It is suitable for children up to a weight of 13 kilograms and impressed with top scores in all categories. A total of 15 seats received the grade "good", six were awarded a "satisfactory" and one seat received only a "sufficient". Most of the seats in the safety category were convincing. In the frontal impact, 13 seats were rated as "good" or a "very good", in a side impact 19 times "good" or a "very good". The ADAC points out that a child seat should be equipped with a back support, because without such a support the consequences of a side impact could be serious.

Caution with pollutants

The results were more problematic when it came to pollutants. Six of the 28 seats contained substances that were harmful to health at a high level. The child seats brevi oki b.Fix and philted’s tott-XT contained the phthalate DEHP in concentrations exceeding the legal limit for children’s toys. Phthalates are plasticizers that protect plastics from shattering. The two phthalate-containing products were immediately rated "unsatisfactory". Traces of flame retardants, organotin compounds and formaldehyde were also found in 15 of the seats tested. However, according to the ADAC, formaldehyde quickly becomes cursed and can also be washed out. However, the automobile club advised against removing the seat covers from the child seat, because this would require the seats to be partially dismantled. If they were later reassembled incorrectly, the child seats could lose their protective effect.

It also works without

In 13 seats, either no or only very small traces of harmful substances were found. The ADAC points out that such child seats are available for all age and weight categories, providing health-conscious parents with a comprehensive range of products.