E-stehroller lender should be supported in bremen disabled persons

E-Stehroller lender should be supported in Bremen disabled persons

Lender of electric stehrers have to set up a fund in bremen to support mobility-based persons that are illuminated due to excreted scooters. This is apparent according to a media report from a new special use permit of the bremer ordnungsamt for lender. Background is the accident of a blind bremer, who dazzed in the summer of 2020 over an overturned E-storcher and seriously injured himself. He complained against the administrative court bremen against the granting of the special use permit.

In view of tomorrow 1. May applicable new special use permit have decided voi and animals to engraven their respective inventory in bremen from 500 to 750 electrical stallers. However, if you take into account a new coquent usage zone, through which the scooters should not focus on downtown.

Bremen was the nationwide first country in september 2019, which granted a permit for E-steholler. The bremen traffic senator maike schaeffer was about it, "the chaotic conclusion with the scooters" to avoid how you "many other german and european city" had. The rental of E-scooters should be clearly regulated and not only coupled to a voluntary commitment of the provider, which can also be deprived of permission in severe cases.

Controversial permission

The complaint of the blind bremer is currently resting because everyone involved is aimed at a superstructure agreement before the conciliation body of the department of provision, such as the weser courier reported. Therefore, voi and animals, which lend in bremen, received a limited usage permit in november 2020, which was demandored at the end of january 2021 for three months.

It is under a lawyer: inside controversial, whether parked E-steholler one "permitted special use" represent or a "permissible community", since there is no fundamental case law and laws, as in april 2020, the scientific service of the bundestag found (PDF). In view of previous legal practice, the trend goes to the E-storcher as "part of the community" as long as the scooters are approved and ready for use and mainly used for passenger transport.

Braille font on the scooter

The berlin government also dealt with the rental of E-stehollern and designed a law. Among other things, it is about meeting the wild guns of new offers on rental vehicles. If the bill passes the berlin house of representatives, sharing providers have been able to pay for the use of the public space.

E-steholler in public transport

since the 15. June 2019 are electric storcher, also called E-scooters or E-scooters, registered on public durations in germany. Already the first were spotted in german city.

Results should be found in the special use permit in bremen, which are achieved in the conciliation procedure between the plaintiff bremen and the country. For example, the residual balance width could be widened from 1.50 to 1.80. Such and other – such as that lender must note their contact details on the scooters in braille font, – was able to follow the next mediation date on the 3. May yield it in the weser courier.