Driving report: mercedes glb 250 4matic

Driving report: mercedes glb 250 4matic

Mercedes is still experiencing the MFA2 platform than ever to satisfy the preferences on a different market on a basis. In the US, interest in not too expensive suvs with more than five sites are unbroken. This explains why mercedes has two suvs with a similar coarse in the assortment. The GLC stands on the more C-class more C-class platform, the new GLB on the A-class presented in 2018. How are the GLB 250 4matic? A first short exit.

In the GLC format

With the GLB, almost everything is planning mercedes on this platform, on the market. There is still a lack of the new GLA presented in the early 2020. The GLB belongs to the coarse offshoots on this basis. With 4.63 m he is barely short than the much more expensive GLC. In the case of the four-wheel drive, if necessary, add the front roller, the GLB uses a front drive architecture. On the way, the difference in detail is: the GLB steering is a bit too lightweight and feel-free, but at least pracisse. In the lighter country, the GLB comes well: slopes, downhill, slammed dirt roads, smaller bache profits – all no problem. More will probably hardly be a GLB driver per interfere.

The suspension comfort is surprisingly high without air suspension. The compact SUV does not slide on the asphalt and even worse strain nerves. In view of the state of infrastructure at the main sales market, this interpret seems to be a good idea. An adaptive chassis costs at least 1178 euros. It offers a foehrable bandwidth between complex and taut, but does not reach the good of the GLC with the again more expensive air suspension.

The interior design is free of surprises – mercedes distributes the dashboard of the A-class here too. The infotainment system MBUX’s infotainment system is still outstanding, whose full functionality costs abundant premium. Away, everything is properly assembled, but details show that the controllers have lived their power: the steering hall levers have a fragile effect, the standard equipment with single-time climate control, halogen light and mucally displays including plenty of edge becomes so presumably hardly anyone orders. Already with just a few clicks in the configurator are in the case of a GLB 250 4MATIC 50.000 euro almost frightened quickly quickly. The GLB is undoubtedly less expensive than a GLC, it is therefore not favorable for a long time.

A series more

The seats are comfortable even for later distances and can be adjusted many times. Rear is not plentiful, but enough space at least for two more passengers. For a surcharge of 428 euros, the seats are slidable in the second row. The two emergency seats in the third row recommends daimler only for passengers up to a coarse of 1.68 m. With 1321 euro additional payment, they are extremely self-confident, although then at least the adjustment of the second row is included. Mercedes currently only provides the trunk volume for the configuration without a third row of seats and adjusting the seats in the second row: 565 liters are then. A very decent value based on the outside.

Leading top

The test car, a GLB 250 4MATIC, was provided with the current peak motorization, an AMG offshoot with 306 hp soon follows. 165 kw (224 hp) and 350 nm get it with minimal 1670 kg to do. Mercedes calls 6.9 seconds for the sprint at speed 100 and 236 km / h highest speed. The GLB can be moved so ruffed FLOTT. The drive remains acoustically most of the time in the background, which is good, because well-sounding he does not have to offer. The dual-clutch transmission with eight gangs is alternative and switches as appropriate as essential. Mercedes calls consumption between 7.2 and 7.4 liters in the WLTP – that seems to be achievable in practice. Unlike some competitors, mercedes sends the GLB from the beginning with the euro 6D to the customers.

The GLB is built at aguascalientes plant in mexico as well as for the chinese market in beijing. There were also the main sales markets. In this country already costs the basic model nearly 38.000 euro, most GLB will probably be a list price of more than 45.Have 000 euros. You will receive a comfortable, neatly assembled SUV, which considered austere nowhere new mabstabe sets. Mercedes may also hope that the targeted clientele does not question that critically.