Donald trump – trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

Donald trump - trojan horse of the coming financial-military dictatorship

With claims like "dry the swamp!" ("drain the swamp!"), donald trump presented himself during the U.S. Election campaign as a determined opponent of the U.S. Establishment. Millions of americans who doubted the system believed in him and hoped that as president he would finally stand up to the country’s corrupt elite.

By now, it must have become clear to the more informed among them that they were not only mistaken, but that they were deliberately hoodwinked: since his election, trump has proven to be a trojan horse that does not want to drain the swamp but, on the contrary, wants to help it gain even greater power.

And that’s not all: those who believed during the election campaign that hillary clinton would be chosen to continue the U.S. War policy, while trump would be chosen to end it, have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief for at least the past two weeks: the cabinet of the 45th president of the united states is now in place. U.S. President, with his ex-generals and business bosses, is more like a mixture of a sudanese military junta and the executive suite of a business conglomerate than the cabinets of previous presidents.

Such open deception of the electorate is nothing new in the U.S., however, and there is a reason for this: since december 1913 at the latest, the direction of U.S. Policy has not been set by the white house in washington, but by wall street and its most important organization, the U.S. Central bank, the federal reserve. Both have different ideas about the country’s future than the working burger.

The financial industry is always behind US politics

With the establishment of the federal reserve in 1913, a cartel of U.S. Banks and their ultra-moneyed owners secured control over U.S. Currency, the dollar. She thus realized the dream of the founder of the rothschild dynasty, mayer rothschild (1773 – 1855), who once said: "give me control of a nation’s money and I don’t care who makes its laws."

Since 1913, the U.S. Government has been nothing more and nothing less than the political executive branch of the federal reserve. Its most important task is to sell the interests of the financial industry to the american people as its own – by any means necessary. Just three years after the founding of the federal reserve, democratic candidate woodrow wilson loved to get elected on the promise of keeping the U.S. Out of the first world war raging in europe. One month after his inauguration he declared war on germany.

Why? Because the big banks of wall street had made loans worth billions to england, france and italy and feared that they would have to write them off in the event of a german victory.

The same applies to the second world war, which was by no means a confrontation between democracy and dictatorship, as most history books portray it. On the one hand, hitler’s national socialists could never have held on to power without wall street loans. On the other hand, the roughest economic machinery of all times, created on the soil of the united states and financed by wall street, reached its national limits at the beginning of the 1940s.

D.H.The USA needed markets to sell the goods that the domestic market could no longer absorb. For this purpose, wall street was willing to use any means – from participation in the world war to the dropping of atomic bombs.

Also the further wars of the USA – whether korea, vietnam, afghanistan, iraq, libya or syria – were led in the interest of the US financial elite. The same applies to the coups in asia, africa and south america, which were carried out with the help of the U.S. Secret services, and which in no single case, as officially claimed, served to abolish dictatorships. The most recent example is the military junta in egypt: it can only hold on to power because of the financial and military support of the USA. Saudi arabia, one of the world’s most rebellious dictatorships, has been the united states’ closest ally in the middle east for decades.