Colt 1.3 lpg: mitsubishi offers autogas variant

Colt 1.3 lpg: mitsubishi offers autogas variant

Hattersheim, 21. April 2009 – deuschland is not exactly a pioneer in the use of autogas. However, after uber chevrolet, lada and subaru also took advantage of a LPG model in the program, now also wants to offer mitsubishi in germany cars "liquefied petroleum gas" instead of gasoline can be operated. The first model is colt 1.3, which makes 95 hp in the gasoline version – the performance in LPG operation does not apply mitsubishi. When buying new cars, the LPG system costs 2400 euros including installation. The mitsubishi unternal car wart of three years or 100.000 kilometers is not promoted by the conversion.

As in the netherlands

The car system comes from the dutch manufacturer valle and is installed in eindhoven. Mitsubishi is already showing this path on the hollandische markt, where the japan brand has been offering for more long LPG vehicles. As with autogas ubrow, the autogas colt bivalent is created, so can be driven with autogas or gasoline. The ranges of gas and gasoline tank add up to 1000 kilometers, so mitsubishi.

33 percent save

LPG is only about half as expensive as superbenzine, because LPG will be taxed (by the end of 2018) significantly lower than conventional fuel. So, despite the higher consumption, about a third priced one is priced than with gasoline, promises mitsubishi. Also in terms of eco-friendliness score cars. Against gasoline emissions of nitrogen oxides is about 80 percent, which of unburned hydrocarbons at about 60 percent and of carbon monoxide at around 80 percent, so the japanese manufacturer. The outset of the greenhouse gas CO2 indicates mitsubishi with 120 grams per kilometer. This corresponds to a consumption of about 7 liters of LPG at 100 kilometers.