Co2 outlet drop in power generation

The outset climate-harmful greenhouse gases is clearly reflected in power generation in the first half of the year. From january to the end of june, around 15 percent less CO2 was emitted than in the same period of the previous year, such as the energy association BDEW notified. According to the first calculations, CO2 emissions of 136 million tonnes were expected to expect 116 million tonnes.

The association drove this development to various factors back: the mild weather, the increased CO2 price in emissions trading and a record in renewable energies. The okostrom share in germany was climbed on a record high in the first half of 2019. Above all, the windy weather led to the renewable energies covered 44 percent of electricity consumption. In the same period of the previous year, it was 39 percent.

BDEW’s main supplies stefan capperer said, the decline in CO2 emissions show again that the energy industry has massive efforts and climatic targets. "Now the traffic and the hot sector must finally meet their specifications for climate protection. Therefore, we need an effective CO2 pricing in these sectors."

The federal government wants to decide for more climate protection in september for more climate protection in order to achieve medium term climate goals. Above all, a positive CO2 pricing is controversial. Environment minister svenja schulze (SPD) wants a CO2 tax. This became fossil fuels – so gasoline and diesel, heating and natural gas – more expensive. Schulze wants at the same time a social balance. Wide parts of the union are against a CO2 tax.

At the end of the next week, the "economic ways" present a report on the CO2 pricing on behalf of the government. This wants to deal with the next meeting of the climate cabinet, which is expected on the 18th. July takes place.