Cloud native: cncf takes the ingress controller contour in the incubator

Cloud native: CNCF takes the Ingress Controller Contour in the incubator

The technical oversight committee (TOC) the cloud native computing foundation (CNCF) has pronounced itself to take the ingress controller contour of vmware as an incubator project under the fittings of the community. After consulting the responsible persons of the organization CONTOUR, a decisive surgical luck with applicant inhibitors in kubernetes: the ingress controller gives users direct access to applications that run in the kubernetes cluster – especially with envoy as a reverse proxy and load balancer be integrated.

Designed on multi-team kubernetes environments

In distributed environments, efficient networking and communication plays an increasingly important role, so that ingress controllers develop into a critical component in cloud native architectures – especially in client-proof kubernetes installations managed by several teams. Contour relies on the CNCF graduate project envoy as a control level. The flexible architecture optionally allows the use as kubernetes deployment or as a deamon set distributed to the cluster nodes. In addition, CONTOUR is configured to configure the multi-team insert and shape the certificate access thanks to TLS certificate delegation of certificate access.

The development team of vmware had version 1.0 by contour at the end of last year. The approximately three-year-old project goes to the company heptio zuchen, which was founded by craig mcluckie and joe beda, which vware had taken over in november 2018. The two developers involved in the formation of kubernetes also drove the work on open-source tools around container orchestration – including the ingress controller contour.

Further information on the incubator project can be found in the envision of the CNCF. Anyone who wants to get a detailed insight into the ingress controller should consult the contour website at github.