Chinese build sono sion in sweden

Sono motors will produce its battery small car sion in swedish trollhattan. The startup from munchen has found a partner with experience in the construction of electric cars in national electric vehicle sweden (NEVS). In the former saab plant in trollhattan, the first generation of e-mobils over a period of eight years 260.000 vehicles run from the band. Sono motors set the start of production on the second half of 2020. Then around 43.000 sion in two-layer operation.

Company history with complications

NEVS is a swedish-chinese company founded in 2012 to acquire rights, facilities and real estate from the saab automobiles gone in 2010 in bankruptcy. The use of the brand name "saab" is nevertheless no longer possible since 2014 after a finally failed production of an electric saab model. Since 15. January 2019, according to significant complications including the interim bankruptcy of the nevs and a scramble of various chinese companies and investors now, the mixed company evergrande health industry group limited from china with 51 percent of the shares. An actor who is adventurous to his business numbers, but already TOO BIG TO FAIL look.

Thomas hausch, company boss at sono motors estimates NEVS the "long-term experience in traditional automotive development and production in combination with proven expertise in the field of electromobility". The energy for production should be fully originated from regenerative sources. This fits the sion, which is referred to as "solar electric vehicle (SEV)" with its solar cells on the aubenhaut. The integrated photovoltaic should dine daily for up to 34 kilometers of solar energy in the 35 kwh farming vehicle battery.

The 3-phase synchronous motor of the sion should provide a maximum power of 120 kw (163 hp) and a torque of 290 nm. The range will give sono with 255 km to WLTP. The sion should also be able to bidirectonal loading. That’s how the battery is to be removed from the electricity, even for other electric cars. An e-car non-self-reliable attachment coupling also testifies to practical thinking.

Electricity and cars are divisible

About the smartphone app "gosono" the electricity is to be shared. The app is also intended to offer the sion as a carpooling or for certain periods to rent completely. Another special feature: for air filtering moss should be integrated into the dashboard. Electrostatic should filter up to 20 percent of the fine dust from the air.

The market launch comes the sion in a feature variant for the price of 25.500 euros on the market. Further models on the same technical base are planned. Currently, sono motors are concerned with around 9800 reservations paid for the sion.