With fine: lexus on the tokyo motor show 2007

With fine: lexus on the tokyo motor show 2007

Tokyo, 26. October 2007 – lexus, known for luxurious vehicles, gives on the tokyo motor show of 27. October to 11. November 2007 an outlook on the future of the brand. The focus is on two concept studies: the hybrid SUV LF-XH and the super sports car LF-A.

Lexus LF-XH: clean into the field

Like the art design of lexus RX railing wagons, the SUV study shows LF-XH. In design, the 4.80 meter long LF-XH is based on the lexus "L-finesse" design language. The laterally L-form overlapping tail lights are a striking styling feature. Slip are also the high side line with narrow windows, the highly inclined C-saule and the tiny jerk cameras, which replace the outdoor mirrors. Futuristic is the dashboard with curved shapes and digital instruments. For the interior of the 1.65 meter high LF-XH, lexus promises best course ratios. The small "H" in the model designation lies to which drive is under the bonnet. It is the latest generation of "lexus hybrid drive" in the form of a combination of V6 petrol engine and electric motor. Further details for the drive lexus has not yet announced.

The first lexus sports car: LF-A

Also in the eye is the lexus LF-A. The super sports car continues the line, which once started in 2005 with the design study of the same name. Now in tokyo is an optically and technically developed model, which always suggests a possible series of serial. Lexus, however, first liked the LF-A in tokyo’s responses of visitors before starting serial production.