Vw tiguan facelift: plug-in hybrid and r model in the lead

VW Tiguan Facelift: Plug-in hybrid and R model in the lead

The pre-sale of the overworked VW tiguan has begun: the configurator is already unlocked, but a price list is not yet available. The tiguan has been unnecessary for years in the center of the customer’s taste and satisfies the appetite for a halfway compact SUV with a wide range of motorizations, many options and equipment variants. What a significant minority is missing among the customers so far comes with his model maintenance about four years after the publication of tiguan II: for the first time, volkswagen will offer the tiguan with plug-in hybrid drive and as a R model. The role of the battery electrical SUV same format, however, is the VW ID.Trap 4.

A model of central importance

The "city garrock" in the four-meter-five-class is tremendous for volkswagen, he sells even a little better than the VW golf (test). However, these have been so popular SUV models with high sales figures for many years – past year, volkswagen put global uber 910.000 stucco – also a special challenge in view of the fleet limits, which will enter into force for the first time 2020.

VW tiguan model maintenance

VW Tiguan Facelift: Plug-in hybrid and R model in the lead

volkswagen has opened the order booker for the tiguan but no price list. The VW tiguan gets a hybrid drive and a R model for the first time with his model maintenance. 

In the new drive variants, volkswagen was able to access already preserved motorizations. The plug-in hybrid drive for the tiguan ehybrid consists as in the golf or passat GTE (test) or the tiguan allspace sold in china since 2018 from a 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 115 kw and a built in double-clutch transmission DQ400E built-in electric machine with 85 kw, system performance 245 hp. Tailored to the range in the WLTP of 50 kilometers – and thus not significantly gross than for the takeover of state prayy but is the gross 13 kwh storing battery. Pure electrically, he should reach up to 130 km / h.

As a hybrid without four-wheel drive

As in golf and passat GTE, the driver of a tiguan hybrid must renounce a four-wheel drive. Manufacturers such as BMW or PSA distribute the drives on two axes – the electric motor then drives the rear ratchet. In experts, this division is called P4.

In tiguan R, volkswagen is apparently not as far as the hybrid – he was initially called only as a "serial study". Interesting makes him the envision of a "newly developed four-wheel drive with torque-split" in the over an actively regulated rear differential up to 100 percent of the drive power (you have to add: "it must be added to the rear axle on the central lamella clutch") distribute wheel can be. For this you will be the engine from the golf R (engine line EA888) with its 235 kw or. 320 hp and up to 400 nm torque expect thirst and the seven-step double-clutch transmission. The sports model also gets 21-inch rider, another brake system, an adaptive chassis with ten millimeters lowering, sports seats and steering wheel as well as other specific equipment details.

(yet) not as a mildhybrid

For all other models, the gasoline engine with 1.5 liter displacement and 96 kw (130 hp) or 110 kw (150 hp) is offered, the powerful engine is optional also with double-clutch automatic. On mild hybridization, for example in golf and leon 1.5 ETSI (test) is installed, VW does not. Follow follow the already known gasoline engine with two liters capacity and 140 kw (190 hp) or 169 kw (230 hp).