Trading war: usa consider xiaomi as “chinese-communist military company”

Trading War: USA consider Xiaomi as'chinesisch-kommunistische militarfirma''chinesisch-kommunistische militarfirma'

The US department of defense has published an updated list of companies that are related to the chinese militar. Fortan is also xiaomi as "chinese-communist military company" considered.

In xiaomis core business, smartphones, which are popular because of their good price-performance ratio also popular in germany – were the series redmi, mi and poco. Worldwide xiaomi now sells third-party smartphones. Other electronics devices in the manufacturer’s assortment of television, PC monitors and also suction robots.

Huawei follows xiaomi

With the classification as "chinese-communist military company" threatens xiaomi a similar fate like competitor huawei, who is also on this list. Unlike huawei xiaomi, however, is a pure electronics group without a division of network remuffing. The US government accuses huawei to spy in chinese militar, and this will take the company from home 5G expansion.

Impact for xiaomi could show itself if the ministry of commerce follows the ministry of defense and the company on the so-called "entity list" puts. Then, for example, xiaomi no google services were allowed to buy without a derogation and buy smartphone processors with US technology.

Deadline in november

A first key date should according to US intelligence service reuters on the 11th. In november 2021 – by thurfen US companies therefore no longer invest in companies associated with the chinese militar.

In a comment against the verge writes xiaomi that one holds on laws and regulations of countries in which one operates. "Xiaomi does not belong to the chinese militar, is not controlled by this and is not related to it. [xiaomi] is not a ‘chinese-communist militar company’ as defined under the national defense authorization act", it is called.

It remains to be seen how the upcoming bid administration will continue in the next few months to continue trading war with china. How to do the topic of xiaomi also deals with alone.