The dodge ram becomes a little less thirsty

The dodge ram becomes a little less thirsty

Detroit (USA), 16. April 2012 – the chrysler group introduces the working pick-ups of submark RAM, also called ram trucks,. Under the sheet, more economical engines and more modern gearboxes are now. Thus, the RAM 1500 is powered by the 3,6-liter pentstar-V6. It is erupted with a variable valve control, makes 42 percent more and generates 13 percent more torque than the 3.7 liter coarse process six-cylinder. In numbers: 309 hp and 365 nm. The consumption is to be 20 percent lower than the old model. Whoever wants a V8, must grab the 5.7-liter hemi. Around 400 hp and 552 nm leave the load soul forward. Among other things, a cylinder shutdown should help.

Eight-speed automatic

Both the V6 and the V8 are offered with the new torqueflite 8, an eight-speed automatic transmission,. Fruher was only an old-fashioned four-speed automatic on offer. Instead of a normal automatic electoral lever in the center console or on the steering wheel, the gear selection is done by an electrical rotary switch on the dashboard. Positive side effect: there are more storage facilities in the center console. A new system to bring the gearbox to temperature should also help with fuel saving. Once the engine has reached its operating temperature, the cooling water circuit passes through a heat exchanger in the OL of the eight-speed automation. Due to the rapid heating, the friction should be reduced faster and 1.7 percent fuel saved. A start-stop system brings another 3.3 percent savings. Furthermore, the RAM 1500 rolling resistor-optimized tires are raised.

Better aerodynamics

Aubes one recognizes the new RAM at the greater kuhlerbill and other trim parts. The front turn-linkers and jerk lights work with leds. Fine grinding reduced the air resistance overdies. According to chrysler, for example, the RAM 1500 regular cab 4×2 with 0.363 is the best CW value of its class – for itself, however, a modest value, modern cars are usually less than 0.30. The comparable process model still had a CW value of 0.386. Even the new air suspension should contribute to save. One percent savings is based on the account of the "aero"-mode in which the vehicle is reduced by 2.8 centimeters from a certain speed. Over two off-road settings, the ground clearance of the RAM 1500 is increased from regulations 22 to up to 27 centimeters. When parking, it can be reduced to 17 centimeters. During the journey, the air suspension is self-standing for pending operation or loading.