Siemens launches its own electric car test fleet

Siemens AG wants to gain experience with electric cars and is launching a test fleet for this purpose. "We have too little experience with the technology and the business models so far and want to test them in the field", explained the head of the smart grids group, richard hausmann, to the handelsblatt. Starting in november, 100 vehicles are to be gradually put on the road at siemens’ sites in munich, erlangen and berlin. The fleet test focuses on questions relating to the intelligent control of power grids (smart grids) and the components required for this purpose.

"In the medium term, the electric car will become a mobile electricity storage unit", predicts hausmann. The idea behind this is that the batteries of the electric cars will store an oversupply of electricity from renewable energy sources when the wind is strong or the sun is shining, and send it back to the power grids when needed. Siemens also wants to use new direct current networks to reduce charging times for electric cars. "With direct current, we can reduce charging times to 10 to 15 minutes," said hausmann", said hausmann.

Siemens’ energy division is promoting high-voltage direct-current transmission as a way of generating electrical energy in a low-loss and environmentally friendly way "low-loss and environmentally friendly" the new edition is intended to evoke memories of the legendary processes of 50 years ago. Siemens also offers solutions for smart metering, i.E. Meters and infrastructure for recording and billing electricity consumption in smart grids.

According to dpa, the company is also considering its own production of motors for electric cars. For its test fleet, however, the company uses cars made by japanese manufacturer suzuki, which are being converted to electric drive by the frager group. German E cars, a company belonging to the group, converts series-produced vehicles with internal combustion engines accordingly. Among other things, she offers the stromos, an electric version of the suzuki splash compact car. The stromos is already being tested by the technical university of cottbus for its suitability as a battery buffer in the power grid.