Scribe: camera specifically for whiteboard by logitech

Scribe: Camera specifically for whiteboard by Logitech

With scribe, logitech introduces a camera especially for whiteboards. It is mounted on a rod, which is attached to the wall, and can be a flat of up to 2 m × 1.2 m in 1080p. With the rest of the video conferencing system, the device can be connected via USB.

In addition to the simplicant setting up the camera compared to more common webcams, scribe should provide a consistent view of the whiteboard for all participants. Furthermore, the device hand and arm of users emerge easily and increases the contrast of important elements such as writing and marker.

Full features with teams and zoom

Activating the camera over an enclosed wireless button, alternatively a touch controller like logit replacement tab. To start, scribe is compatible with the teams rooms for windows and zoom rooms, zoom appliances should follow. As a pure USB webcam, the device can be used with any video conferencing software.

Logitech sees scribe primarily for hybrid buros and classrooms, whereby participants regularly remotely work. Further technical details can be found on the product page. The device is available now and costs 1299 euros (RRP).