Los angeles (USA), 19. November 2014 – mazda transfers the recipe for success of 2011 published SUV CX-5, after all, the best-selling mazda model on the german market, on the compact SUV-B segment. If the CX-3 sells as well as opel mokka, skoda yeti, nissan juke and consorts, the japanese car maker was able to reach even more customers in the end than with his success SUV CX-5. Mazda wants to introduce the CX-3 on the LA auto show (21. To 30. November 2014).

With 4.28 meter long, 1.77 meter width and a high of 1.56 meters, the CX-3 is tailored to the segment in its coarse. His very individually drawn body with the gross kuhleerbill, the cot-dachschwahlung and the pragnant exhibited the CX-3 a distinctive face, while the compact SUV committed to the recipe for success is immediately recognized as mazda.

All segmental drive options plus mildhybrid

For the german market launch in june 2015, an otto and a diesel engine will be available. The two-liter gasoline without charging, but for example an extreme compression of 14: 1 is available in two power levels: as a 120-hp variant for the pure front drive and as 150 hp version for all-wheel CX-3. The 1.5-liter diesel engine is already known from the new mazda 2. He makes 105 hp and is an option for the front and all-wheel drive CX-3 versions. All motors have a continuous-start function, the more powerful gasoline engine as a mild hybridization with a capacitor as a power buffer.

Series is a manual six-speed gearbox that has already noticed in other models in its precision and lightweightness in other models. Alternatively, a convertible machine with six stages known as a gifted can be amed the clutch and switching work. The power distribution in the four-wheel drive follows the segmental scheme: an electronically controlled multi-disc olbad coupling before the rear axle differential can branch off from the drive power on the front axle up to 50 percent backwards. The demand regulation is mainly due to the standard consumption raising in the NEFZ. Otherwise, mazda also had a permanent all-wheel drive with a central differential instead of building the automatically switching slat coupling.

A connectivity system with seven-inch display and integrated navigation system, a head-up display and full-led headlight with curve and high-speed assistant are legally. In addition, the equipment includes all currently geared assistance systems such as emergency brake, tracking and lane change assistant. For special equipment and vehicle prices, mazda has not yet been uplowered. The competitor opel mokka costs at least 18.990 euros.