New vw polo dreiturer: is less enough?

New vw polo dreiturer: is less enough?

Dusseldorf, 29. September 2009 – the original version of the VW polo was a dream of three and so small that the backstures were hardly accommodating anyway. At that time, threimorer were still widespread, funfhen usually luxury. Anyone who launches a three-to-market today will usually try to position him as a sporty offshoot – in some cases it even succeeds in cutting the customer for even more money.

Optically unspectacular

So it is not the new polo to the gluck. He is 735 euros cheaper, but should also work something athletic, SEAT persecutes the sister­model ibiza A similar strategy. VW tries with terms such as "tornadoline" to represent the three-threerator as particularly dynamic. According to the manufacturer, there is a near-coupe appearance through the long-term front treatments and a "redesigned band of the side windows and filigree sporty C-sucks". In the realitat, however, it is not much to remember. Although the vehicle in the side view is quite more harmonious than the funfurer, but it is certainly not purchasing. VW chief designer walter da silva has remained true to the clear polo lines and renounces fashionable experiments. We remember the positive consequences in the interior.

Good space

After wasting ourselves without whose problems on the ruckbank, we find a good space for space there. If the comfortable front seats are not pushed extremely backward, even 1,85 meters of gray persons are found in the rear leg and headroom. The reason for this can be found in the technical data: a small car as in the 1970s is the new polo no more. Whether three or funfturer: a long of 3.97 meters and a wheelbase of 2.47 meters are decreased, which had to offer earlier first the golf.