Mac spare parts for free workshops: apple increases prices partly

Mac spare parts for free workshops: Apple increases prices partly

Repairs outside the guarantee time could be made more expensive at macs. Apple has adjusted the rates for different spare parts upwards. This is out of a new price list that has published apple in the framework of its freshly expanded repair program for free workshops.

According to the information, about displays for the macbook pro with 13-inch screen "several hundred US dollars" more. Other components should also be attracted by several hundreds, writes macrumors, where there are occasional price cuts.

Only iphone, now mac

Apple had been this week "program for independent repair providers" extended to macs. Specialized free workshops can now be obtained original parts, special tools and official repair instructions in the manufacturer if they participate in the appropriate program and let at least one employee schools, according to the group on monday. So far, the mac components and documents were only available for apple self as well as authorized apple repair operations (apple authorized service providers, asps). For apple, this is a rough step – previously, iphone spare parts for free workshops were already available.

All macs, but only without guarantee

Also now surfaced are more details as apple will implement the program. So free workshops can officially repair macs whose apple warranty (1 year) has expired. Parts, tools and training materials are delivered since this week. All MAC models are covered. Repaired, among others, screen, motherboard, the so-called top case with keyboard including trackpad, the speakers, the batteries and more.

What free workshops can not be threatened

The workshops do not receive any complete macs for the replacement of submitted devices, as knows this in certain cases of asps and apple themselves. Even if participants of the repair program macs do not send to apple themselves to make there more complex repairs. Apple had started his program for free iphone workshops in europe last month. Info supplies the group on its website. Details of the mac are still missing there.