Lyft continue to the red numbers

Lyft continue to the red numbers

The US ride agent lyft continues to suffer from the corona pandemic. In the first quarter, sales reached 609 million US dollars, 36 percent less than a year ago. The shimmer of hope: opposite the fourth quarter 2020, this is an increase of seven percent. This has communicated the company tuesday night.

The loss of operation has increased slightly from 414 million to $ 416 million, while net loss is climbed by seven percent to $ 427 million. This means that lyft writes for every dollar dollar 70 cents net loss. Lyfts barbestand fallen in a year of $ 1.1 billion by more than half of the half to $ 496 million. In the first quarter itself, however, he has increased $ 57 million. This is, among other things, that lyft has sold more financial securities than bought.

"In view of progressive (economic) recovery, we are convinced that we can supply strong financial results", said lyft-withgrowed and -co logan green on tuesday. The institutional investors believe him. After notification of the quarterly results, LYFT shares have become more expensive in the absorbance trading nearly six percent.

Win by getting out

An expensive brocken is removing the company straight: lyft gives the dream of self-developed self-propelled cars. It sells the DAFUR state-owned subsidiary level 5 to the toyota daughter woven planet holdings.

Saw lyft-withgrowed and prassident john rooms in the in-house development of self-propelled cars 2017 the right way to win over the competition, the exit from this project should now be made: "with the upcoming sale of our self-drive department level 5, lyft is set up to win the transition to autonomous (driving) through our hybrid network from human chauffeurs and automated vehicles, advanced marketplace technology and fleeting fleet management skills."

After all, toyota leaves $ 550 million. Jump to US dollars. Perhaps more important: lyft saves the cost of the development department of about $ 100 million declined. In the first quarter of 2021, the losses of 70 to 66 percent of sales had printed.