Karmann osnabruck: 500 notices still in january

The parties have agreed on the key points of a social plan for the osnabruck plant of wilhelm karmann gmbh. The final package is to be adopted in january, the company announced today. According to the agreement, 580 positions will be cut as early as this month as part of the social plan that is now being developed: around 500 karmann employees are to receive notice of termination before the end of january, while the remaining positions will be eliminated through natural attrition.

In the "interest of a competitive employment structure", the parties had agreed to apply so-called "age bands" in the social selection process. As of today, the employees to be scouted have been assigned by their respective supervisor­informed about the. At the same time, the works council in osnabruck will process the lists of dismissals­. Only then could the official announcement be made by the company. The affected employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the transfer company. The financial compensation for the loss of the job is at "approximately the same level" as for the job cuts in 2007.

Last october, karmann announced its intention to cut a total of 870 jobs at the­to cut a total of 870 jobs at the osnabruck plant due to production shortages in the vehicle manufacturing sector. This plan remains unchanged. As of 1. November 2007, the osnabruck plant, where production of the legendary karmann ghia began a good half century ago, had a total of 4,242 employees. However, recent changes in customers’ production schedules have affected the timing of the job cuts. According to current plans, a further 290 jobs will be cut in the fall of 2008. All future­all future figures are, however, "subject to possible business developments" which are not yet apparent, the company oracles. Hopes held last fall for a new major order for karmann have so far not been fulfilled.

The social plan negotiations for the rheine plant were continued independently of the decision-making process in osnabruck, karmann also announced. Negotiations are expected to be concluded in the spring of 2008.