Fdp wants hartz iv money short and a “activating” flat rate “burgergeld” imports

FDP secretary general lindner stands by westerwelle, but even within the FDP voices against the brash dismantling of the welfare state are growing

It’s not so bad when the conservative newspapers offer the liberals a platform to make their mark with pointed remarks – or do they have the perfidious ulterior motive of harming them in the process, since the CDU/CSU is noticeably distancing itself from its coalition partner?? First, FDP leader westerwelle was allowed to talk in springer’s world of "effortless prosperity" of hartz IV recipients and spatromic, but nevertheless socialist decadence, now the FAZ has opened the stage for christian lindner, the general secretary of the FDP, for a guest contribution. Lindner takes the opportunity, although not directly like his party friend martin lindner to explicitly propose a lowering of hartz IV benefits, but with his propagated "activating burger money" (this sentence has been changed, d. Red.).

Lindner comes to the aid of the beleaguered party leader, albeit with a little better made-up rhetoric. He does not rage against decadence, but says that the FDP only does not want to let enter fully, what nevertheless already the "founding father of the social market economy" namely that the principle of benefits would be subordinated to the principle of the welfare state. Today, through the "welfare state" people "permanently locked out of work and education". So, where work and educational opportunities are apparently open to everyone, people are enticed or even forced by transfer payments to stay away from work, to have no "desire for advancement" to develop, to give up personal responsibility and "humanity by anonymous legal claims" to replace. This means, as has been philosophically suggested to the liberals, that the poor should be grateful for donations from the rich and otherwise look where they are left.

What the FDP wants, then, is to increase hardship by short-cutting government aid, so that those locked out of work and education can get into any form of labor according to the motto "work makes free", even if it is completely underpaid, be forced – if there is any work at all. The unemployed can only be accused of laziness if they actually have the opportunity to find work – and society determines which ones it will tolerate. With the FDP, the way down is apparently completely open, if only the "middle class" or the so-called "high achievers" are spared – one would like to hear who belongs to them – i.E. Also those who are provided with effortless prosperity after they have delivered billions of bankruptcies?

Lindner’s rhetoric is smooth: "it is not standard rates that need to be increased across the board, but rather the efficiency of the welfare state in opening up fair opportunities in life." this opening is to be achieved primarily through free education spending. Of it is with the land government with FDP participation however nothing to be noticed. One step would also be to abolish tuition fees again. But there is no word from lindner and westerwelle on how the increased spending on education, such as free day-care centers, intensive demand programs, well-equipped elementary schools, homework help, programs like "no child without a meal" or theater visits are to be financed.

Even lindner, who wants to abolish hartz IV and replace it with a system envisaged by the FDP, does not speak plainly "burger money" wants to replace. This is to "activating and low bureaucracy" be paid in a lump sum, i.E. Be as low as possible and, despite the judgment of the court that has just been rendered, not take into account any individual touch or needs. This is what the FDP calls an efficient state that helps the working poor "freedom and becoming" and starves those who remain unemployed to a certain extent. In order to enforce the principle that those who work must earn more than those who do not, starvation wages are then apparently to be further topped up by the state, because a minimum wage continues to be of the devil (inflexible and "susceptible to campaign maneuvers and distortion of competition"). According to FDP ideology, further downward sinking wages are simply to be accepted because the "competition from the world market or illegal labor" wages are oriented to productivity.

But in the FDP itself one seems to get now also problems with the brash dismantling of the social solidarity and the social state. The concepts of the westerwelles and lindners, with their threats and promises, are not only hanging in the free air, they have also been allowed to cut the FDP down to its small, rather wealthy and blinkered and cold clientele group in the elections, especially since many aspects of the former liberal policy, which go beyond pure economic liberalism and wealth protection for the richer, are now more likely to be perceived more credibly by the rank and file. In the last poll, the FDP has already crashed to 7 percent, the fixed tribe was allowed to be even smaller.

Fearing a bad landing, johannes vogel, the labor market policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, jumped to his feet and announced that the FDP parliamentary group was not seeking to shorten the hartz IV standard rates. In an interview, he said that the FDP wants a "fair welfare state". Perhaps the gentlemen in the FDP, who set the tone at present, had to understand themselves also only once among themselves, what they want then now.

The choice of words in a press release by the FDP parliamentary group, which was prompted by "media reports about a possible lowering of the standard rates with hartz IV" speaks, as if the medium reports had nothing to do with the FDP politicians. In any case, the spokesman for social policy and deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group heinrich kolb also ares that "a lowering of the standard rates is not discussed by the responsible politicians of the FDP parliamentary group. Suggestions of this kind do not correspond to the opinion of the group."