Engpass highway construction site

Engpass highway construction site

Munchen, 13. October 2011 – in motorway construction sites, for the left lane frequently applies a restriction of the vehicle width to two meters. It is inclined to believe that gear cars of this criterion keep loose, but as the ADAC has determined at 280 current vehicle models, two-thirds of the new cars are wider than two meters. Even many compact cars exceed this brand – also supposedly narrower cars such as the renault clio or the peugeot 308 are too wide for the construction site uberhallspur.

Measure best yourself

In order to avoid a book money or restrictions of insurance coverage, the club therefore advises the car riders to inform themselves about the actual width of their vehicle or retrieve themselves. On the value entered in the vehicle papers you can not leave, because this indicates only the vehicle width without axis mirrors. When driving a bottleneck is the actual width of a vehicle inelicial mirror mirror. Thus, for example, cars like the audi A3, citroen C3, fiat bravo, ford focus, mercedes A-class, opel astra, seat alhambra, toyota auris, volvo S40 and the VW golf VI above the two-meter limitation.

ADAC calls for new regulation

In any case, it is worthwhile, for example, the BMW 3 series is worthwhile: with this model, the track can be used on two meters. The ADAC demands where it is possible to allow cars with a width of up to 2.20 meters on the left construction site track. At least, the permitted vehicle width should be raised to 2.10 meters by suitable measures. Then about 80 percent of the current car models could also use the left lane in construction sites. This will benefit the flow of traffic, as at today’s truck advent on highways only around a quarter of the car has room on the right track.