Dynamic hdr image: samsung knows first projector with hdr10 +

Dynamic HDR image: Samsung Knows first projector with HDR10 +

On its only digitally carried out event "life unstoppable "has samsung his new ultra-short distance projector series "the premiere" presents. The models should offer a complete cinema experience in 4k including surround sound in their own living room. A powerful integrated bustling and the "acoustic beam surround"-sound should provide for a convincing sound. A smart operating system allows the direct use of TV apps, for example for video streaming services, at the device.

The larger model LSP9T achieves according to samsung from only 11 centimeters distance to the wall already a picture diagonal of 100 inches and a maximum of 130 inches. It is at the same time the first HDR10 + certified projector in the world. According to samsung allows its integrated triple laser technology "stunning contrasts in a peak brightness of up to 2.800 ANSI lumens".


Like dolby vision, HDR10 + is a dynamic HDR format where the studios can set the desired image impression not only once for the entire film, but scene for scene and even picture for picture.

The first projectors of their kind raise the models of "the premiere"-series also over the "filmmaker fashion", which allows the user to watch movies exactly as the director intended.