“Demon’s soul”: action role play is reloaded for the ps5

A remake of the action role-playing game "demon" S souls "will appear for the playstation 5. Sony has called sony at a livestream to his upcoming console with a short trailer. The company has a release date, which also stops the publishing rights on the original in japan, but not called.

Trailer for "demon" S souls "(source: sony)

The remake of "demon" s souls "is not developed by the original developer from software, but from bluepoint games. The studio belonging to sony has specialized in high-quality playstation remaster and bremakes. For example, bluepoint also has the remake of "shadow of the colos" on the legs.

That the remake of "demon" s souls "appears for the xbox or the PC will therefore be unlikely: sony already held the original the publishing rights for the playstation, the publishing rights, even the remake seems to be firm in the hand of the japanese.


"Demon" S souls "came in the trade in 2009 and charged a new genre: bockswing action games, which fingering beside fingers also require strategic action and patience. Such games are often described as "soulslike". On "demon" soul’s "dear developer from software, among other things, follow the" dark souls "games, but also" sekiro: shadows the twice "and" bloodborne "dome on the design teachings of" demon "souls".

We are not known much about the remake. But from the trailer can be derived that the new edition of "demon" souls "is similar to the remake of" shadow of the colos ". According to sony, the players should have the choice between two game modes: a favorites the graphic qualitat, the other should offer a high frame rate. It is expected about the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second.

In the run-up to the playstation stream, fans had speculated over a possible envision of "bloodborne 2". But this did not happen. From software is currently working on a new game mark called "elden ring", which in cooperation with george R. R. Martin is created. So far, there is hardly any information about this game.