Cng initiative of volkswagen

Cng initiative of volkswagen

Theoretically, natural gas as fuel in internal combustion engines has many advantages. It produces less climate-effective emissions and other toxic exhaust gases. That at least is the call. In addition, natural gas, chemical methane and at the time of 868 gas stations under the short CNG (for compressed natural gas) can be obtained relatively easily from electricity. It is therefore suitable as a storage medium for the so-called sector coupling – thus the merger of the previously separate energy markets for electricity, warm and traffic is meant. Actually, natural gas had to be successful. But that is not the case.

In numbers: in may 2017, 157 cars with natural gas drive were released according to municipal office (KBA). Since the beginning of the year there are a total of 848 cars. A minus of 42.2 percent towards the same period of the previous year. On the other hand, there is a counterparty development in electric cars: they recorded 7993 new (january to may) a plus of 126.8 percent.

One reason for the falling sales figures could be the ever worse vehicle bot. For example, mercedes has not brought no successor to the E 200 NGD. The positive exceptions are fiat, where various models from panda to the DOBLO are considered as a natural gas variant, and (the elimination of touran and passat ecofuel, despite) the volkswagen group. The brands audi and volkswagen are now in the offensive. Against the general trend, ie in a double sense against the current.

Goal: 2000 CNG petrol stations until 2025

The aim of the current initiative of volkswagen and several partners from the gas and mineral industries: by 2025, 2000 CNG gas stations should supply one million vehicles. The legislator, which wants to melt the tax claim from 2024 and only 2026. Here is a part of the hope of the stakeholders – in fuel costs per kilometer natural gas is usually favorable than diesel.

The volkswagen group is also concretely with the products. Thus, the three-cylinder turbomotor (66 kw / 90 hp) present on the viennese engine symposium will be the only alternative drive in the new polo as TGI. A competitor to the renault zoe is not provided. At the "CNG mobility day" in hamburg, the wolfsburgs also showed the prototype of a golf variant, which instead of the acquaintance 1.4 TSI the current 1.5 TSI in the execution with variable turbocharger and millercycle under the hood has. Whether and when this engine comes, is not fixed.