City trapper: land rover shows the lrx

City trapper: land rover shows the lrx

Hair, 18. December 2007 – land rover stecckt in transition. Still is not known which new builders take land rover, but there are probably worse offers than the successful railing car specialist. To make for the bridal show, land rover shows the study LRX on the detroit motor show in january 2008. Quotely for the 80th anniversary of the company’s primer, the three-ranking SUV should be the answer to changing market requirements.

Interpretation of a coupe rail

Land rover describes the study as a "cross-coupe" and "premium offroader". It should represent a visionary development of the land rover designs. The LRX was founded as the first project under the spring carrying of the new land rover design director gerry mcgovern and is smaller than the current freelander. Striking features of the vehicle are the compact outdoor mabe and the rising sideline without visible B-saule. Other striking details are the reinterpretation of the classic country-rover facial, striking headlights and a high tail with a small jerk window. In the powerful wheelhausern are 20-inch light metal roller.

Noble interior with futuristic accents

The interior is furnished with a mixture of leather in yellow and dark brown and polished aluminum. In the instruments, innovative LCD displays create a three-dimensional image that lets personalize for different drivers. All functions are controlled by using a touchscreen. The instruments provide the pilot graded by the importance with information to distract him less from the events. Interesting is also the lighting concept in the LRX. The backlight varies depending on the driving mode: grun in "eco" -, red in "sport" and blue in standard mode. A second touchscreen acts as an indication and control for the integrated iphone docking station.