China: accident with electric car lost security debate

A public accident with an electric car has a discussion about the security of battery vehicles in china have been drawn in china. The driver and two passengers came on saturday in shenzhen in sudchina in a fire in a type E6 electrotaxi of the chinese autoroduel BYD byd, after a sports car had been pushed with extremely high speed, as chinese media reported on tuesday. Unchecked the shares of the car and battery manufacturer BYD (build your dreams) on monday in hong kong. But the course recovered on tuesday after byd published first findings about the accident. The manufacturer drove the fire to the circumstances of the collision back, like the business magazine caixin quoted. The lithium-ion battery had been tested for fire hazard and have complied with all safety standards.

Nevertheless, the accident raises a shadow on the planes of the emerging manufacturer, with the daimler in a joint venture in the sudchinese metropolis "denza" called shared electric car for the chinese market. To BYD is also involved in the US investor warren buffett. A daimler spokeswoman in stuttgart said that the incident has no impact on the joint venture with BYD.

A member of the rescue teams said according to the newspaper "southern metropolis news", that there was probably an explosion in the electric car. It was completely burned out. "The accident shows that there are further problems with the quality, the design and technology of electric cars", quoted the english speaking newspaper "global times" su hui, the vice director of the car trade association. He spoke of one "warning signal". Safety MUSSE stand in the first place and every product is repeatedly tested before it is brought to the market. The expert lo kok-keung from hong konger polytechnic university said the "south china morning post", A fully charged lithium battery konne explode in a heavy car accident. "The accident could exclude a short circuit, which in turn heat up the battery and can be exploded within seconds", said the engineer. "This is a rough hidden danger of electric cars that do not exist in petrol vehicles."

The abilar could also prove a steamer for the ambitious planes of the chinese government to massively expand the electromobilitat. In order to integrate the effects of the debate, the state-controlled media in the sudchinese province of guangdong instructed not to report critical or possible design errors of the e-car, as the "south china morning post" reported. "We have received a statement of provincial care", a journalist said the leaf. In shenzhen, the headquarters of BYD, according to information from "caixin" around 300 electrical or hybrid vehicles. This year 2000 electrical buses and taxis should come to it. The leaf also quoted experts that the test procedures could not keep up for the E-cars in view of the rapid development of technology.