According to amd and intel: chip developer virgin jim keller goes to ki start-up

According to AMD and Intel: Chip developer virgin Jim Keller goes to Ki start-up

Jim keller started as chief technology officer (CTO) at canadian ki start-up tenstorrent, where he "new and interesting stuff" want to design. TENSTORENT develops processors for exercising and exports of neuronal networks – keyword machine learning.

Most recently, cellar was with intel for two years as senior vice president of the silicon engineering group tatig. Translated: chip chief developer. In the middle of 2020, the engineer came back from the post and remained intel in the corporate speech for half a year as a consultant. This deadline has expired at the end of december. According to speculation, intel’s company structures for cellar should have been stated.

According to AMD and Intel: Chip developer virgin Jim Keller goes to Ki start-up

From 2018 to 2020, jim keller worked at intel; last year ended his procurement agreement there.

Previously, cellar from 2016 to 2018 was the development of teslas autopilot-ki hardware, before, he led the AMDS zen team for ryzen and EPYC cpus for four years. From 2008 to 2012, cellar developed with his team apple’s first own smartphone system-on-chip (SOCS) A4 and A5. In all cases (away from intel), cellar restructures, which were successful in the following years.

620 mm² chip "grayskull"

Tenstorrent attending to dozens of start-ups that develop KI processors, unlike many other companies, has finished hardware that is currently being delivered to evaluation purposes of coarse customers. Currently, the start-up has about 70 employees, including high-ranking ex-engineers of AMD, arm, intel and nvidia. CEO ljubisa bajic dressed senior posts both at AMD as well as nvidia.

The ki chip "grayskull" contains 120 self-designed computing, four programmable RISC-V cores, 120 MB SRAM cache, eight LPDDR4 memory channels (octa channel) and is used as a plug-in card over 16 PCI express-4.0-lanes connected.

With 368 INT8 tops or 92 FP16-tflops at 65 watt thermal design power (TDP) do not belong to the fastest representatives of its kind, thanks to 12-nanometer production in globalfoundries but should be quite favorable. About 620 mm² measures "grayskull". The successor generation planned for 2021 "wormhole" integrates a network switch with 16 ethernet ports (100 gbit / s each) and relies on GDDR6 RAM.